Popular Salamair International Flights

Working Days
Doha Muscat
01:05 AM   03:45 AM
Muscat Doha
01:45 AM   02:20 AM
Salalah Muscat
10:05 AM   11:50 AM
Muscat Salalah
01:40 AM   03:25 AM
Jeddah Muscat
04:55 PM   09:15 PM
Muscat Jeddah
08:10 AM   10:25 AM
Salalah Dubai
03:10 PM   06:50 PM
Muscat Madinah
08:50 AM   11:00 AM
Karachi Muscat
01:15 AM   02:15 AM
Madinah Muscat
02:25 AM   06:40 AM
Muscat Karachi
09:10 PM   11:50 PM
Dubai Muscat
10:40 AM   11:45 AM

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About Salam Air

Established, in 2016 Oman's first low-cost carrier Salam Air, is among the finest in the sky. It seeks inspiration from the culture and people of Oman to present a service offering that is based on customer comfort and safety while in the air.

The airline’s name “Salam” is a greeting in Arabic and reflects Oman’s culture, history and hospitality. Salam Air aims to make flying affordable so that more people can fly to the destinations of their choice without budget being the main consideration. The three main principles that Salam Air works on are being friendly, helpful and simplicity.

As a part of its expansion plan to boost connectivity among its most popular and short to medium-haul routes, the airline has recently acquired an Airbus A320neo. The employees of the airlines are well experienced professionals and they have vast knowledge in different aspects of the aviation industry, be it in managing flight operations, smoothening the booking process or ensuring the passenger's safety on board. Salam Air believes in offering the best quality, safety and affordability along with hospitality, right from the moment customers get in touch with Salam Air.

Salam Air Tickets Reservation

When you want to book the airline with one of the best customer experiences in the industry, then Cleartrip is the only place you need to visit. We ensure that you get the best deal on your booking and also offer the lowest price guarantee for your tickets.

Our website offers you a very user-friendly experience to not only book your Salam Air tickets but also to book tickets with other airlines, such as Srilankan Airlines, Indigo Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Kuwait Airways and Air India.

If you want to visit the emirates, then do apply for UAE Visa, before you make all your travel arrangements.

Salam Air Online Check-in & Boarding Pass

For the convenience of its passengers, Salam Air offers both web check-in and airport check-in. You can do web check in 24 hours before flight departure. For airport check-in, you need to reach 3 hours in advance. Web check-in helps in saving passenger’s time at the airport. In addition to check-in online and even select your preferred seat for a nominal fee. This is very useful for those passengers who wish to have extra legroom or prefer a particular seat when flying.

SalamAir Services and In-flight Meals

Salam Air believes in going the extra mile to meet the special requirements of its passengers. Whether the passenger travelling is pregnant or needs a wheelchair, Salam Air will handle your requirements with a smile.

Salam Air, being a low-cost airline does not have different classes of travel on its aircraft but instead offers many special services on a paid basis. Such special services include the ability to pre-book a seat or pre-book a meal of your choice. The in-flight meals and snacks available on Salam Air are prepared by an expert team of chefs. The meals available onboard range from sandwiches and different types of wraps to snacks and beverages.

Salam Air Baggage Policy

The airline offers different baggage allowances based on the fare category they select.

You are allowed to carry maximum 20 kg of check in baggage other than the allowance shown on your ticket.

  • The baggage allowances as per different fare categories on Salam Air are;
  • Friendly Plus: 7kg Hand Bag Allowance and 40kg Check-In Luggage Allowance
  • Friendly Value: 7kg Hand Bag Allowance and 30kg Check-In Luggage Allowance
  • Friendly: 7kg Hand Bag Allowance and 20kg Check-In Luggage Allowance
  • Light: 7kg Hand Bag Allowance and No Check-In Luggage Allowance
  • For passengers requiring a bigger baggage allowance than, the one offered by their fare category, they can pre-book excess baggage up to a maximum of 20 kg at preferential rates as compared to the rates at the airport.
  • The maximum weight of each individual piece of checked-in baggage should not exceed 32 kg, and the dimensions should not be more than 160cms (W+D+L).
  • In the case of handbags, the dimensions should be 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Apart from the handbag allowance of 7kg passengers may carry a small laptop bag or small ladies bag, not exceeding the dimensions 25cm x 33cm x 20cm.

Travel Classes & Fare Types on Salam Air

Salam Air, the low-cost airline of Oman, offers only Economy class. However, it offers special packages based on the fare category selected by the passenger. The different fare slabs that Salam Air offers are:

Benefit: This fare slab includes the benefit of being able to select your standard seat. It also offers a complimentary meal on board.

Friendly Plus: The main feature of this fare slab is a baggage allowance of 40kg. You will need to pay extra to select a seat or buy a meal on the flight.

Friendly Value: The main feature of this fare slab is a baggage allowance of 30kg. You will need to pay extra to select a seat or buy a meal on the flight.

Friendly: The main feature of this fare slab is a baggage allowance of 20kg. You will need to pay extra to select a seat or buy a meal on the flight.

Light: This special fare slab is for those passengers on a business or short visit, wherein they don't need to carry much luggage. You don't have any checked-in luggage allowance in this fare slab and can carry a handbag of 7kg.

Salam Air Fleet Information

Salam Air is the first airline in Oman to use the single-aisle aircraft by Airbus. The airline currently has three Airbus A320-200 aircraft & four Airbus A320neo in its fleet. These are fuel-efficient and allow the airline to offer lower prices to its passengers. Since these aircraft also have good operational efficiency, it allows the airline to operate them with higher frequency.

The Airbus A320neo is being preferred by many airlines the world over due to its dynamic design, fuel and operational efficiency and is very safe and comfortable for passengers. The aircraft is so popular that it is being used by several airlines the world over.

Cleartrip’s Runway for Booking Salam Air Flights

Booking Salam Air Flights on Cleartrip is very simple, even for those who are booking a flight ticket for the first time. Just enter your destination and dates, select flight from the list, enter travellers details, make payment and you are ready to go to your destination.

When you carry out your search for flights to and from Doha or any other Salam Air route, on our website all the available flight options and their prices will get displayed. You can even sort the results as per your preference right from the flight duration to departure and arrival time for your convenience. This helps you buy your flight ticket based on your specific parameters.

When you are looking for a Salam Air flight on Cleartrip, you also enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Simple and well-designed dashboard where you can see all your upcoming flight details.
  • Get special offers and schemes to book your flight tickets.
  • Manage/ Edit your Salam Air flight bookings. You can even cancel a ticket if you want and get the refund credited easily.
  • Print your flight invoices and tickets whenever you want and even share them with others easily.
  • Compare fares of different airlines before booking flights to your destination.

Popular Flight Routes by Salam Air & Offers on Cleartrip

Salam Air flies to around 30 destinations around the world. In Saudi Arabia, it flies to Dammam, Jeddah, Medina, and Riyadh. In Oman, it flies from and to Muscat, Salalah, and Sohar. It also flies from and to Iran, Manama (Bahrain), Doha (Qatar) and Kuwait City. Apart from these, it also flies from and to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

One can book tickets for various routes of Salam Air on Clear trip. Some of the popular flights of Salam Air from Doha that you can book are Doha Kathmandu flights, Doha Dhaka flights, Doha Dubai flights, Doha Muscat flights and Doha Khartoum flights.

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Salam Air News & Updates

  • December 2019, Salam Air to connect Muscat and Phuket
    The airline will operate three flights a week, to connect Muscat with Phuket which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
  • November 2019, Direct Flight from Colombo to Muscat by Salam Air
    Flights connecting Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka to Muscat in Oman will commence from November 2019 expanding the airline's operations and services.
  • November 2019, 11th city in Salam Air Airlines GCC network will be Dammam
    Oman's low-cost carrier Salam Air has launched flight operations to Damman, Saudi Arabia to expand its network to the Middle East.
  • October 2019, Fourth Airbus A320neo, added to Salam Air fleet: The new aircraft will help the airline serve more passengers across its domestic, regional and international routes.
  • September 2019, Abu Dhabi to become part of Salam Air Destination List: Budget airline SalamAir has added a new route from and to Muscat and Abu-Dhabi.
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  1. If I book a connecting flight, do I need to change terminals?

    Yeah, most probably, you will need to. Do ask at the airport about the gate number and Terminal and it may change at the last moment.

  2. Can I take a stroller onboard Air Salam Flights?

    You will need to check-in strollers, as they are not allowed on board. There will be no extra charges for checking in a stroller.

  3. Does Salam Air provide any complimentary meals and beverages onboard?

    Salam Air being a low-cost airline does not offer any complimentary meals or beverages onboard. You can either purchased them on board or pre-book them.

  4. Can I cancel a Salam Air ticket that I have booked on Cleartrip?

    Yes, you can cancel your Salam Air ticket easily. Just log in to your account on Cleartrip and do the needful. If confused, call the customer care.

  5. How secure are the payment facilities on Cleartrip?

    Cleartrip uses the latest technologies and security system to ensure that all the payments you make on the Cleartrip website are safe and secure.

  6. What facilities are available at Doha Airport?

    Facilities at Hamad International Airport in Doha are Smoking Rooms, Prayers Rooms, ATMs, Meet and Greet Services, Medical Facilities, Child Care, Hotel Booking and More.

Salamair Customer Reviews

Rated 4/5 based on 5 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
4/ 5stars
We got an excellent service and attention on our flight from Muscat to Colombo in Salam Air. Food was also reasonably priced and was served well. Will use Salam Air again." - by
3/ 5stars
Seat and legroom were good, so I could relax comfortably. The flight was on time. Cabin crew were attentive and I did not need to ask anything twice, as usually happens on some airlines. Food variety was good and well cooked. It was one of the best in-flight meals I have eaten in a long time. - by
4/ 5stars
Got a very deal on my flight by booking it almost a month in advance on Cleartrip. I like the site, it is so simple to use without any clutter or irritating banners. The flight was also very good and professional right from the check-in counters to the experience inside the plane. Wish they would serve free food, but guess you can’t get everything. - by
4/ 5stars
Great! Very nice flight from Muscat to Dubai. Though it was a short flight, cabin crew ensured everyone was attended to, be for drinking water or a light snack. Will use again on way back. - by
4/ 5stars
My favourite travel booking site, as its got great deals whenever I log in. Everything is so well organised. Can easily print and share my tickets. The flight was smooth and on-time. At such a low price that's a very good bargain. - by