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Indian Railway PNR Simplified

The train journey through India is a mesmerizing one that gives you a glimpse into the diversity of the culture as well as the range of terrains. But, booking a ticket and securing a seat of your choice on a train is easier said than done. Thanks to the Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) and Waiting List (WL) options, a lot of people end up getting a confirmed seat the last minute.

However, this means making a continuous beeline for the PNR status enquiry to find out if the seat has been confirmed or not. In case, you are new to this entire Indian Railway scene, you can surely do with some help here. helps you understand and know your train PNR status and everything associated with it through a PNR tracker.

PNR stands for "Passenger Name Record." A PNR status gives you the status of your train booking at any given time. The status may vary from Confirmed to RAC and WL. The number is not a totally random number. Its first three digits tell you about the Indian Railway Passenger Reservation System (PSR) from which the ticket has been booked. The remaining 7 numbers are randomly generated.

You can easily check the PNR status using the PNR number that is specified on your ticket. Many times, there is a slight possibility of there being no seats available on the train of your choice. In such cases, you can opt to reserve a ticket in RAC or waiting list and hope for the ticket to get confirmed.

If you are new to the Indian railway scene, you might find it difficult to understand the train ticket. Of course, you can easily get some assistance at the PNR enquiry counter. However, if you are thinking of checking the ticket status online, it is important that you know where and how to find the PNR number. Remember that this is a 10 digit number that is specified on each and every ticket issued irrespective of its status.

In case, you have bought the train ticket from the ticket counter, you will find the PNR number on the top left-hand side of the ticket under the heading PNR No. On the other hand, if you have booked the ticket online, you will find it in the center of the topmost line. There is no way you can check the Indian railway PNR status without this number.

It is a good practice to check the PNR status prior to the journey especially if your tickets were not confirmed in the first place. This will help you to find an alternative. You can easily check it with the PNR status enquiry service that is offered by the Indian Railways. However, if you want an easier and quicker option, try the PNR tracker on All you need to do is check your ticket and note the 10 digit PNR status specified on it. Enter the PNR number of your ticket in the given box and then click on Get PNR. You'll have the details with you in a matter of seconds.

Finding the PNR number and then the PNR status is only half the work done. You also need to understand the details displayed to find out if your ticket has been confirmed or not. In case, the ticket has been confirmed, you will see the term "Confirmed" against the person's details. On the other hand, if you see the terms "RAC" or "WL", it means that your train PNR status is still not confirmed. Note that the RAC and WL are accompanied by a number. This is your position on the list. As tickets get cancelled, your number keeps moving up the list.

The Indian railway PNR status is really not very difficult to understand or find. With, the whole feat has been further simplified. So, the next time you need to check your ticket status, use the PNR page for a quick status check and make life easy. Happy travelling.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Where to find the PNR Number on the ticket?
    • On a printed ticket issued by the railway department, the PNR number is on the top left-hand corner
    • On an online ticket, the PNR number is present in the middle column of the top line
  2. How can I check the PNR status of my train ticket?
    There are three ways in which you can check the PNR status of your ticket:
    • Online on
    • By sending an SMS with your PNR number to 139 or 5676747
    • Using Cleartrip Mobile App that can be found in the Apple store or the Google Playstore
  3. How can you use a PNR number to send a cleaning request?
    There are two ways to send a cleaning request using the PNR number:
    • Log on to the link and enter your PNR number and mobile number on the form given there.
    • SMS CLEAN to 58888 or 920000323
  4. How to find your coach and seat number once the ticket is confirmed?
    If your ticket has been confirmed, the coach and seat numbers will be decided at the time of chart preparation. You can get these details by
    • Calling 139, dialling 1 and then entering your PNR Number
    • Sending an SMS - PNR to 139
    • Using the smartphone app
  5. What is the validity period of a PNR number?
    A PNR number is valid for 9 months after which it is flushed. The same PNR number can be generated after a year.