The Indian Railway Station List Decoded

Indian Railways boasts of an impressive network of railway lines, which connect the farthest parts of the country together. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Indian Railway station list is not only long, but also rather overwhelming.

Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned traveller or a newbie, you are likely to be confused when it comes to deciding which railway station would be perfect to embark and disembark from a train during your journey. Though the Indian railway's enquiry is always there to help, it can sometimes put you in a fix if you are not well versed with station codes etc.

Realizing this problem, has come up with a simplified station list that not only gives you an idea of the trains between important stations but the details of every train that makes its way through the railway lines of India during any given period. Interesting, isn’t it? So, let us get started with understanding this station list and all that lies within.

Wondering why you would need a station list when you can get the desired information from the railway enquiry? Well, here’s the answer to your query:

  • Busy Enquiry System: There is no doubt that the railway enquiry system is a great way to get a clear picture of the perfect train and the stations. But, with millions of people approaching this system every day, you might end up waiting endlessly for your turn. On the other hand, with an Indian railway station list in tow, you can quickly get an answer to your queries without seeking any help.
  • Identifying the Stations: The Indian railways span the length and breadth of the country. Thus, the number of railway stations in India is far beyond what you can actually imagine. In such a scenario, unless you are planning to make your journey through some really important stations, it might be hard for you to identify the exact trains that pass through the station. However, using a station list you can easily pick the trains that pass through a particular station.
  • Getting the Codes: If you are thinking of booking a train ticket online, you need to be aware of the station code of the starting point as well as your destination. You can easily find all railway station codes in the station list. So, using it will simplify your ticket booking ordeal for sure.
  • Information about Stations and Places: Whether you are an Indian citizen or a tourist from overseas, chances are rife that you are not well versed with every station in India. A station list is not just a tool of online station code enquiry, but it also gives you a sneak peek into various Indian stations and the trains that run to and fro from here. with its station list, which is at par with that of the Indian Railways list, helps you find all details of train numbers and station codes. It has a list of all the trains along with their train number, the starting point, and ending point. If you click on the train name, you will be directed to a page with information on all the railway stations in India through which this train will pass along with the station codes.

You will also get details about the time of arrival and departure from each station along with the distance between two stations and the duration of the journey. Also, on clicking the name of any station on the train list, you will be directed to a page that will give you all the information about the station. You will get an insight on all the trains along with their train numbers that start or pass through this station and the days on which they operate on.

The station list designed by surely simplifies the process of planning a journey, what with all railway station codes and other important details being just a click away. So, the next time you are planning a train journey, make it less of an ordeal with and its list of stations and enjoy a hassle-free time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When will the station list be particularly useful for me?

If you are planning to embark from or disembark on a smaller station, you would need this list to find the details of trains that pass through it.

2. Why will I need the station list?

  • To check the trains that start from a particular station
  • To get an idea of the trains that are headed to a particular station
  • To get the details of all the stations that a train passes through
  • To get the train number of the trains starting/passing through a particular station

3. How can I find the names of the trains that pass through/start/are destined to a particular station?

On the station list designed by click on the name of the station of your choice. You will be redirected to a page where you will find the list of all the trains that start/pass through/end on that station.

4. Where can I find the station code on the station list?

The station code is mentioned in a bracket along with the name of each station on the station list.

5. Can I get the train route of a train from the station list?

Yes, on a station list you will find the name of all the trains that start/pass through/end at a particular station. By clicking on the train name, you can get the route of the train.

List of Indian Railways stations

Station code Station name Location Trains passing through
BVM Bayyavaram Bayyavaram
CHBT Chakarbhatha Chakarbhatha
SJS Shamlaji Road Shamlaji Road
BMF Basmat Basmat
BHLI Bohali Bohali
MKT Mukhtiar Balwar Mukhtiar Balwar
KSK Kasimkota Kasimkota
NPI Nipania Nipania
SUC Sunak Sunak
HNL Hingoli Deccan Hingoli Deccan
ARAG Arag Arag
BWW Barwaha Barwaha
THY Thadi Thadi
BKTH Baikunth Baikunth
RGQ Raigadh Road Raigadh Road
WHM Washim Washim
ARV Arni Road Arni Road
OM Omkareshwar Rd Omkareshwar Rd
TVL Tadwal Tadwal
SLH Siliari Siliari
VRV Viravada Viravada
CMNR Chamarajanagar Chamarajanagar
TRK Tirukoilur Tirukoilur
SWD Sanawad Sanawad
BALR Baitalpur Baitalpur
MDH Mandhar Mandhar
SNSN Sonasan Sonasan
NTW Nanjangud Town Nanjangud Town
SGRE Sulgare Sulgare
NKR Nimar Kheri Nimar Kheri
AHLR Ahalyapur Ahalyapur
BTL Bortalao Bortalao
PRJ Prantij Prantij
KDO Kadakola Kadakola
JTRD Jath Road Jath Road
KTKH Kotlakheri Kotlakheri
TTI Turtipar Turtipar
DKS Darekasa Darekasa
TOD Talod Talod
AP Ashokapuram Ashokapuram
SPX Sapatgram Sapatgram
ATR Attar Attar
PPH Pipri Dih Pipri Dih
GDM Gudma Gudma
RKH Rakhiyal Rakhiyal
MFA Mukuria Mukuria
HIP Haldipada Haldipada
ANI Ajanti Ajanti
MHO Mahpur Mahpur
KHAT Khat Khat
NHM Nandol Dehegam Nandol Dehegam
SRI Salmari Salmari
JPZ Jogighopa Jogighopa
MRDD Mordar Mordar
RJI Rajawari Rajawari
RRL Rewral Rewral
DBO Dabhoda Dabhoda
KMJ Kaimganj Kaimganj
AONI Amoni Amoni
JRWN Jirwan Jirwan
KDQ Kadipur Kadipur
TAR Tharsa Tharsa
NRD Naroda Naroda
PEC Pencharthal Pencharthal
VRX Varahi Varahi
TAKL Takal Takal
KQD Khairatabad Dcn Khairatabad Dcn
CHCR Chacher Chacher
BRLA Brayla Chaurasi Brayla Chaurasi
RPM Royapuram Royapuram
LKZ Lakadiya Lakadiya
GUX Gurhi Gurhi
HFZ Hafizpeta Hafizpeta
KNHN Kanthan Junction Kanthan Junction
MDLM Mundalaram Mundalaram
SNAR Srinagar Srinagar
MSDG Mhasoda Dongar Mhasoda Dongar
AMX Amlakhurd Amlakhurd
NPL Nagalapalle Nagalapalle
KAV Kalamna Kalamna
KCNR Kachnara Road Kachnara Road
DVM Dalbhumgarh Dalbhumgarh
KVK Kavathe Mahankl Kavathe Mahankl
RNU Ratnapur Ratnapur
GGD Gullaguda Gullaguda
SAL Salwa Salwa
SDPN Sindpan Sindpan
BJF Bijni Bijni
SCE Senchoa Jn Senchoa Jn
TTZ Tukaithad Tukaithad
CTF Chitgidda Chitgidda
MNU Mundikota Mundikota
HKL Harkia Khal Harkia Khal
PBL Pathsala Pathsala
NGAN Nagaon Nagaon
DBKA Dabka Dabka
GDQ Godamgura Godamgura
KWN Kachewani Kachewani
JMKL Jamunia Kalan Jamunia Kalan
SMQL Shamli Shamli
PFL Piprala Piprala
DGT Dhulghat Dhulghat
MWY Mailaram Mailaram
GJ Gangajhari Gangajhari
BIWK Bisalwas Kalan Bisalwas Kalan
DIVA Diva Diva
COE Chitrod Chitrod
WND Wan Road Wan Road
DRR Dharur Dharur
PJB Paniajob Paniajob
GRF Gambhiri Road Gambhiri Road
NILD Nilaje Nilaje
AAR Adesar Adesar
HKR Kiwar Khed Kiwar Khed
RMY Rukmapur Rukmapur
JTR Jatkanhar Jatkanhar
SMP Shambhupura Shambhupura
TPND Taloja Panchand Taloja Panchand
PDF Padampur Padampur
ABZ Adgaon Buzurg Adgaon Buzurg
MVH Mantatti Mantatti
MUA Musra Musra
ARE Arnetha Arnetha
NVRD Navade Road Navade Road
VPZ Vailapuzha Vailapuzha
AKOT Akot Akot
MR Martur Martur
MUP Murhipar Murhipar
KPZ Kapren Kapren
KLMC Kalamboli Kalamboli
JAC Jalsu Jalsu
PTZ Patsul Patsul
HQR Hirenanduru Hirenanduru
SRWN Saraswatinagar Saraswatinagar
GKB Ghataka Varana Ghataka Varana
RSYI Rasayani Rasayani
BNO Banar Banar
UGWE Ugwe Ugwe
SVG Sawalgi Sawalgi
WRC W R S Colony Ph W R S Colony Ph
LBN Laban Laban
APTA Apta Apta
KQW Kheduli Kheduli
PSE Pusauli Pusauli
HHD Hunsihadgil Hunsihadgil
URK Urkura Urkura
AMLI Amli Amli
HMRR Hamarapur Hamarapur
JWL Jajiwal Jajiwal
CYN Cheriyanad Cheriyanad
KUI Kulali Kulali
DGS Dagori Dagori
RWJ Rawania Dungar Rawania Dungar
PEN Pen Pen
JOM Jogi Magra Jogi Magra
MDJN Madar Jn Madar Jn
BOT Boroti Boroti
DPH Dadhapara Dadhapara
KTA Kushtala Kushtala
KASU Kasu Kasu
AAS Asranada Asranada
BGU Bairagnia Bairagnia
NGS Nagansur Nagansur
MXW Mahadevsal Mahadevsal
RNT Ranthambhore Ranthambhore
NGTN Nagothane Nagothane
KXG Kharia Khangarh Kharia Khangarh
KSWR Kalmeshwar Kalmeshwar
TLT Tilati Tilati
AMI Amravati Amravati
MXL Mokholi Mokholi
KOL Kolad Kolad
KSW Kheri Salwa Kheri Salwa
JNRD Nilaje Nilaje
TKWD Tikekarwadi Tikekarwadi
DRI Dumri Juara Dumri Juara
NMD Nomoda Nomoda
INP Indapur Indapur
CKHS Chikhli Chikhli
DJHR Deojhar Deojhar
LHN Lachyan Lachyan
HDP Hadapsar Hadapsar
LRU Lalpur Umri Lalpur Umri
GNO Goregaon Road Goregaon Road
CHOK Chauk Chauk
MMVR Murgamahadev Rd Murgamahadev Rd
NBL Nimbal Nimbal
LONI Loni Loni
COO Chhoti Odai Chhoti Odai
SAPE Sape Wamne Sape Wamne
UMED Umed Umed
PCU Putlacheruvu Putlacheruvu
MNL Minchnal Minchnal
YT Yevat Yevat
PDZ Pilioda Pilioda
KFD Karanjadi Karanjadi
SWF Sathin Road Sathin Road
UNDI Undi Undi
SSPD Sadashivapet Road Sadashivapet Road
PAA Patas Patas
KNDP Khandip Khandip
DWV Diwankhavati Diwankhavati
MHPE Mohope Mohope
VND Vendra Vendra
MRF Marpalli Marpalli
BRB Boribial Boribial
DY Dumariya Dumariya
ANO Anjani Anjani
KESR Kesri Singhpur Kesri Singhpur
KLDI Kaldhari Kaldhari
KOHR Kohir Deccan Kohir Deccan
MLM Malthan Malthan
BAMA Birambad Birambad
KMAH Kamathe Kamathe
SRW Shri Karanpur Shri Karanpur
RUSD Runni Saidpur Runni Saidpur
KCP Kalgupur Kalgupur
JNTR Jinti Road Jinti Road
BR Bandh Bareta Bandh Bareta
UKC Ukshi Ukshi
DQN Dhanera Dhanera
DKJR Dhekiajili Road Dhekiajili Road
KTKR Kumtha Khurd Kumtha Khurd
PRWD Parewadi Parewadi
NGLT Naglatula Naglatula
BOKE Bhoke Bhoke
GJS Gajsinghpur Gajsinghpur
DEEG Deeg Deeg
HER Her Her
WSB Washimbe Washimbe
BIQ Bansi Paharpur Bansi Paharpur
NIV Nivasar Nivasar
MON Modran Modran
GHS Guru Harsahai Guru Harsahai
AMBR Ambika Rohina Ambika Rohina
PPJ Pophlaj Pophlaj
DXK Dhana Kherli Dhana Kherli
NCR Nagore Nagore
BSGN Basugaon Basugaon
FZP Firozpur City Firozpur City
CKX Chakur Chakur
BLNI Bhalwani Bhalwani
AED Aulenda Aulenda
NGT Nagappattinam Nagappattinam
RSNR Rai Singh Nagar Rai Singh Nagar
CUE Choupale Choupale
WDLN Wadwal Nagnath Wadwal Nagnath
DHS Dhavalas Dhavalas
SNPR Singarpur Singarpur
TVR Thiruvarur Junction Thiruvarur Junction
SRPR Sarupsar Jn Sarupsar Jn
DHE Dodhi Dodhi
KRPR Karepur Karepur
WDS Wadsinge Wadsinge
MIQ Mirhakur Mirhakur
NIIJ Nilaje Nilaje
PEM Peralam Jn Peralam Jn
MFJ Muftiganj Muftiganj
GTU Ghat Nandur Ghat Nandur
WKA Vakav Vakav
PTLI Pathauli Pathauli
DOZ Daurai Daurai
BTU Baraut Baraut
GHPU Gandhipuram Hal Gandhipuram Hal
UKH Ukhali Ukhali
AAG Angar Angar
PVR Pandharpur Pandharpur
SDH Saradhna Saradhna
AADR Amb Andaura Amb Andaura
HUK Holambi Kalan Holambi Kalan
VDGN Vadgaon Nila Vadgaon Nila
MKPT Malikpeth Malikpeth
BSYA Barkisalalya Barkisalalya
MKRA Makrera Makrera
MWE Mewa Nawada Mewa Nawada
CJW Chajawa Chajawa
DNDI Dhondi Dhondi
MVE Mundhewadi Mundhewadi
KJME Kajoragram Kajoragram
MLI Mangaliyawas Mangaliyawas
UCH Unchaulia Unchaulia
DHR Dharnaoda Dharnaoda
PKNS Pokharni Nrsnha Pokharni Nrsnha
PK Pakni Pakni
BMGA Bhimgara Bhimgara
LNA Lamana Lamana
KXL Kamarbandha Ali Kamarbandha Ali
MUGA Mahugarha Mahugarha
SNGR Sanganapur Sanganapur
BALE Bale Bale
PCR Panchra Panchra
KRW Kharwa Kharwa
BWIP Bhawanipatna Bhawanipatna
KCT Kirakat Kirakat
PG Pergaon Pergaon
HBG Howbadh Jablpur Howbadh Jablpur
CPLE Chinpai Chinpai
PPF Piplaj Piplaj
CHB Chabua Chabua
GDW Gadhwala Gadhwala
DAV Devalgaon Auchr Devalgaon Auchr
GRG Guwarighat Guwarighat
BJI Bijauli Bijauli
APA Amarpura Amarpura
GRCP G.Ramachandrapu G.Ramachandrapu
BLSR Belasar Belasar
DGPP Dhengli Pp Goan Dhengli Pp Goan
JPV Jmtra Paraswara Jmtra Paraswara
UGNA Ugna Halt Ugna Halt
BAR Bar Bar
DPUR Depur Ph Depur Ph
BS Banisar Banisar
SCO Satuna Satuna
CGE Charghat Pipari Charghat Pipari
LLPR Lalit Lakshmipr Lalit Lakshmipr
GRI Guriya Guriya
VLNK Vellankanni Vellankanni
BIGA Bigga Bigga
UPR Usmanpur Usmanpur
BUQ Bargi Bargi
KRHA Korahia Korahia
CNL Chandawal Chandawal
RCD Rajchandrapur Rajchandrapur
STNR Sitalnagar Sitalnagar
PDG Paradgaon Paradgaon
SOY Sukrimangela Sukrimangela
BTW Barsi Town Barsi Town
BGX Bagri Sajjanpur Bagri Sajjanpur
ADL Andul Andul
PGDP Pgdp Pgdp
RNE Ranjani Ranjani
KDHI Kaladehi Kaladehi
NDU Nadauj Nadauj
BQN Bagri Nagar Bagri Nagar
MAKR Malkhedi Malkhedi
DAKA Dhaka Dhaka
KODI Kodi Kodi
SKY Shikara Shikara
SVX Savarda Savarda
BFY Bhesana Bhesana
DUMK Dumka Dumka
KHDB Khodiyar Khodiyar
SVD Sarwari Sarwari
VNK Binaiki Binaiki
AVRD Aravali Road Aravali Road
DRS Dhareshwar Dhareshwar
BSKH Basukinath Basukinath
SNJL Sanjali Sanjali
KMV Karmad Karmad
GNS Ghonsor Ghonsor
NAN Nandgaon Road Nandgaon Road
AUWA Auwa Auwa
BSI Basbari Basbari
BAGD Bagwada (Halt) Bagwada (Halt)
CTH Chikalthan Chikalthan
PDE Pindrai Pindrai
MADR Madure Madure
BGG Banta Rnathgarh Banta Rnathgarh
TPK Tipkai Tipkai
GNST Gandhismriti Gandhismriti
LGDH Lalaguda Gate Lalaguda Gate
NIR Nainpur Junction Nainpur Junction
BRU Bhairoganj Bhairoganj
BWA Bhinwaliya Bhinwaliya
DGHR Deoghar Deoghar
KLMG Kalamboli Kalamboli
DYE Dayanand Nagar Dayanand Nagar
KLZ Keolari Keolari
PML Papanasam Papanasam
BGPR Bhagwanpura Bhagwanpura
TKG Thakurganj Thakurganj
KDTN Kadethan Kadethan
SFX Safilguda Safilguda
PUE Palari Palari
CBH Chaube Chaube
KZQ Khimel Khimel
BORA Baghdogra Baghdogra
KTT Khutbav Khutbav
RKO Rmkrshnaprm Gte Rmkrshnaprm Gte
KWB Kaniwara Kaniwara
MAJN Mangalore Junction Mangalore
BRLY Biroliya Biroliya
JAMA Jama Jama
MJBK Manjari Budruk Manjari Budruk
AMQ Ammuguda Ammuguda
BHV Bhoma Bhoma
CTND Chettinad Chettinad
KTR Kothar Kothar
HEB Hebbal Hebbal
KNHP Kanhaipur Kanhaipur
CVB Cavalry Barrcks Cavalry Barrcks
SEY Seoni Seoni
DKO Devakottai Road Devakottai Road
KVJ Keshavganj Keshavganj
CNDB Chandur Bazar Chandur Bazar
BDNP Bidanpur Bidanpur
ALW Alwal Alwal
PED Pipardahi Pipardahi
TCN Tiruchendur Tiruchendur
BNS Banas Banas
NAVI New Amravat New Amravat
BRN Barhan Barhan
BOZ Bolarum Bazar Bolarum Bazar
SMSR Samaswara Samaswara
PBM Pamban Junction Pamban Junction
BMN Bhimana Bhimana
PRL Polur Polur
SNS Sasni Sasni
GDPL G Pochampalli G Pochampalli
KPDH Kapurdha Halt Kapurdha Halt
SASN Sahibzada Asngr Sahibzada Asngr
KWI Kivarli Kivarli
KWP Khatipura Khatipura
KLA Kulwa Kulwa
DBV Dabilpur Dabilpur
KRBO Karaboh Karaboh
BHBK Bodhadi Bujrug Bodhadi Bujrug
MXO Morthala Morthala
MRX Murud Murud
SOM Somna Somna
MOB Manoharabad Manoharabad
MQQ Markahandi U Ht Markahandi U Ht
SMNH Somnath Somnath
MAA Maval Maval
SEI Shendri Shendri
DAR Danwar Danwar
BMPL Brahmanpalli Brahmanpalli
JLY Jhilmili Jhilmili
KML Kamtaul Kamtaul
SZA Sarotra Road Sarotra Road
DKY Dhoki Dhoki
SKQ Sikandarpur Sikandarpur
ME Masaipet Masaipet
UIH Umaria Ispa Hlt Umaria Ispa Hlt
JNR Janakpur Road Janakpur Road
IQG Iqbal Gadh Iqbal Gadh
PJR Pangri Pangri
WAIR Wair Wair
BKU Bhiknur Bhiknur
LIG Linga Linga
SMI Sitamarhi Sitamarhi
CTT Chitrasani Chitrasani
YSI Yedshi Yedshi
DKDE Dankaur Dankaur
TMD Talmadla Talmadla
BRKH Bisapurkalan Bisapurkalan
GED Guledagudda Road Guledagudda Road
KRJD Karjoda Karjoda
NWB Niwas Road Niwas Road
AJR Ajaibpur Ajaibpur
JKM Jankampet Junction Jankampet Junction
ULA Umra Nala Umra Nala
BDM Badami Badami
UM Umardashi Umardashi
BRGW Bargawan Bargawan
MIU Maripat Maripat
NVT Navipet Navipet
KFP Kukra Khapa Kukra Khapa
HLAR Hole Alur Hole Alur
DRW Dharewada Dharewada
AUNG Aung Aung
YDM Yedamangala Yedamangala
BLSA Bolsa Bolsa
BMC Bhimalgondi Bhimalgondi
MLP Mallapur Mallapur
KMLI Kamli Kamli
NPK N. Panakudi N. Panakudi
TKBG Tekkabigha Tekkabigha
SLGH Shelgoan H Shelgoan H
DVH Devi Halt Devi Halt
BLR Balganur Balganur
UAR Unawa Aithor Unawa Aithor
MKSP Mukhasa Parur Mukhasa Parur
JITE Jite Jite
SVN Sivungaon Sivungaon
RMO Ramakona Ramakona
HBL Hombal Hombal
BHU Bhandu Motidau Bhandu Motidau
SNGN Sanganer Sanganer
BAHL Banihal Banihal
MGC Mugat Mugat
SASR Sausar Sausar
SKL Singaperumlkoil Singaperumlkoil
JDN Jagudan Jagudan
DXD Digod Digod
MDB Mandor Mandor
PARD Pathrad Pathrad
LDE Lokdhikhera Lokdhikhera
MXK Mandrak Mandrak
UMN Ambliyasan Ambliyasan
BON Bh Onra Bh Onra
SDUA Sadura Sadura
WNG Wanegaon Wanegaon
PSK Paradsinga Halt Paradsinga Halt
JUJA Jujumura Jujumura
DNW Dangarwa Dangarwa
BJK Bijora Bijora
ANT Anantnag Anantnag
LBG Limbgaon Limbgaon
SZH Saonga Halt Saonga Halt
MKDI Makudi Makudi
JUL Jhulasan Jhulasan
ATRU Atru Atru
PJGM Panjgam Panjgam
CRU Chudawa Chudawa
KLOD Kelod Kelod
WIRR Wirur Wirur
PN Pansar Pansar
SYL Salpura Salpura
ATPA Awantipura Awantipura
MQL Mirkhal Mirkhal
SONR Saoner Junction Saoner Junction
MAGH Manikgarh Manikgarh
EN Isand Isand
BLO Bhulon Bhulon
KAPE Kakapora Kakapora
PIZ Pingli Pingli
MGVK Malegaon Vyenku Malegaon Vyenku
PFT Pothahi Pothahi
SHRD Saij Sertha Road Saij Sertha Road
IDGH Indargarh Indargarh
PMPE Pampore Pampore
TAY Talaiyuthu Talaiyuthu
TKLB Takli Bhansali Takli Bhansali
ARQ Arariya Court Arariya Court
NKJ New Katni Junction New Katni Junction
BLNR Birlanagar Birlanagar
KDSD Kudsad Kudsad
VELI Veli Veli
PTS Patansaongi Patansaongi
KZY Kayalpattinam Kayalpattinam
AGD Agasod Agasod
BBY Bhadroli Bhadroli
ADIJ Ahmedabad Mg Ahmedabad Mg
KXP Kaniyapuram Kaniyapuram
PQA Pipla Halt Pipla Halt
ANY Arumuganeri Arumuganeri
RAKL Rethorakalan Rethorakalan
SVDK Shmata V D Ktra Shmata V D Ktra
PGZ Perunguzhi Perunguzhi
KPKD Khapri Kheda Khapri Kheda
NZT Nazareth Nazareth
DSPT Danishpet Danishpet
NNE Nonera Nonera
SPQ Sorupeta Sorupeta
AMY Akathumuri Akathumuri
KRDH Koradih Koradih
SDNR Seydunganallur Seydunganallur
ANVT Anand Vihar Trm Anand Vihar Trm
SCN Sondha Road Sondha Road
SAS Shdspra Padmpra Shdspra Padmpra
EVA Edavai Edavai
PSX Ptnsngi Twn Hlt Ptnsngi Twn Hlt
FAN Fatehnagar Fatehnagar
TDPR Tirupadripulyur Tirupadripulyur
AXK Asokhar Asokhar
CKS Chaksu Chaksu
KFI Kappil Kappil
TIT Talit Talit
AYRN Akshaywat R Ngr Akshaywat R Ngr
CDM Chidambaram Chidambaram
NGB Nawabganj Gonda Nawabganj Gonda
CHNN Channani Channani
IRP Iravipuram Iravipuram
JTL Jhapater Dhal Jhapater Dhal
IMR Ibrahimpur Ibrahimpur
CUPJ Cuddalore Port Cuddalore Port
TMT Timtala Timtala
SRAS Siras Siras
HNK Hanakere Hanakere
BPS Banpas Banpas
MTDM Metur Dam Metur Dam
PLCJ Phalodi Junction Phalodi Junction
KNPS Kendposi Kendposi
DPZ Devpura Devpura
SET Settihally Settihally
NRX Noadar Dhal Noadar Dhal
MCRD Mecheri Road Mecheri Road
MVD Mulvad Mulvad
SSL Sirsaul Sirsaul
MRIJ Murliganj Murliganj
HJL Hejjala Hejjala
PCQ Pichkurirdhal Pichkurirdhal
AGTL Agartala Agartala
IGU Irugur Irugur
KJ Kajgaon Kajgaon
NCH Nakachari Nakachari
NYH Nayandahalli Nayandahalli
KPLE Kopai Kopai
KXJ Karimganj Junction Karimganj Junction
BSTP Basantapur Basantapur
BTBR Buti Bori Buti Bori
DDV Dadhdevi Dadhdevi
BRAM Balabnramapuram Balabnramapuram
BSLE Bataspur Bataspur
PTKD Patharkandi Patharkandi
NKW Nilakantheswar Nilakantheswar
PCM Pavurchutram Pavurchutram
ALNI Alniya Alniya
NRK Naraikkinar Naraikkinar
GHLE Gadadharpur Gadadharpur
CBZ Churaibari Churaibari
CLDR Chilikidara Chilikidara
KKY Kila Kadaiyam Kila Kadaiyam
RDT Ravtha Road Ravtha Road
BAW Chik Banavar Chik Banavar
TPF Tarapith Road Tarapith Road
DMR Dharmanagar Dharmanagar
SGDP Sagadapata Sagadapata
ASD Ambasamudram Ambasamudram
KIW Kanwalpura Kanwalpura
DBL Dodbele Dodbele
MYM Memari Memari
KUGT Kumarghat Kumarghat
TGRL Tangiriapal Tangiriapal
SMD Charanmahadevi Charanmahadevi
DKRA Dhuankheri Dhuankheri
KIAT Kyatsandra Kyatsandra
MUG Magra Magra
MANU Monu Monu
BGPL Baghuapal Baghuapal
KTCH Kaithalkuchi Kaithalkuchi
KRLS Kurlas Kurlas
GBB Gubbi Gubbi
PDA Pundooah Pundooah
SKAP S K Para S K Para
VHGN Wihirgaon Wihirgaon
JOQ Jorai Jorai
BTSD Bhatisuda(Halt) Bhatisuda(Halt)
AJP Ajjampur Ajjampur
KPK Kalipahari Kalipahari
JWNR Jawaharnagar Jawaharnagar
UDR Amdara Amdara
CROA Chautara Chautara
DMH Dauram Madhpura Dauram Madhpura
SHV Shivani Shivani
BCQ Barachak Barachak
ABSA Ambasa Ambasa
DHCA Dhaca Cantt Dhaca Cantt
SHAN Srinivasa Nagar Srinivasa Nagar
KLE Kaithal Kaithal
HSD Hosdurga Road Hosdurga Road
SLS Salanpur Salanpur
MGKM Mungaiakami Mungaiakami
RCJ Ranyal Jasmiya Ranyal Jasmiya
MRTY Murti Murti
LLD Lalawadi Lalawadi
RGI Ramgiri Ramgiri
MNC Madankata Madankata
TLMR Teliamura Teliamura
SY Sirkazhi Sirkazhi
SI Sonalli Sonalli
AGMN Agomoni Agomoni
HLK Holalkere Holalkere
SNQ Sankarpur Sankarpur
JRNA Jirania Jirania
BMKI Bapudm Motihari Bapudm Motihari
KKA Kanki Kanki
BNY Barhni Barhni
MYK Mayakonda Mayakonda
KBQ Kumrabad Rohini Kumrabad Rohini
JGNR Jogendranagar Jogendranagar
BNBH Bani Bihar Bani Bihar
POT Pothia Pothia
NUH Naugarh Naugarh
KAG Kodaganur Kodaganur
LHB Lahabon Lahabon
PRDP Paradip Paradip
VINH Vinhere Vinhere
TBR Taiabpur Taiabpur
PAIL Pali A Pali A
CLI Chalgeri Chalgeri
DPX Dadpur Dadpur
RHMA Rahama Rahama
SMNE Somtane Somtane
GAGA Galgalia Galgalia
BLP Balrampur Balrampur
DAD Devargudda Devargudda
BLY Bally Bally
RCTC Raghunathpur Raghunathpur
ZARP Zarap Zarap
NAK Naksalbari Naksalbari
JKNI Jharkhandi Jharkhandi
KVS Kalsur Kalsur
ZPI Zampini Zampini
KDRP Kandarpur Kandarpur
NMJ Nidamangalam Nidamangalam
SUH Sulehalli Sulehalli
TLR Tulsipur Tulsipur
SVNR Savanur Savanur
BMKD Bellamkonda Bellamkonda
KDJR Kendujhargarh Kendujhargarh
NSX Narsipuram Halt Narsipuram Halt
RNN Rajankunti Rajankunti
POE Pawapuri Road H Pawapuri Road H
GDI Gudgeri Gudgeri
KCH Kasim Kota Halt Kasim Kota Halt
NANR Naranpur Naranpur
AYU Abhayapuri Asam Abhayapuri Asam
DMRT Dumuriput Dumuriput
YJUD Yamunanagar Jud Yamunanagar Jud
SNH Saunshi Saunshi
LTV Lotarva Lotarva
STBJ Sitabinj Sitabinj
KRMR Karimnagar Karimnagar
MIPM Marripalem Ph Marripalem Ph
MQP Makrandpur Makrandpur
KNO Kundgol Kundgol
MGRL Mangrolla Mangrolla
HCNR Harichandanpur Harichandanpur
PIL Piler Piler
KMEZ Kumhar Marenga Kumhar Marenga
NHLG New Haflong New Haflong
GT Ghatkesar Ghatkesar
BSAE Bansh Baria Bansh Baria
TMKA Tomka Tomka
MPL Madanapalle Road Madanapalle Road
PASG Panisagar Panisagar
KTPR Kathal Pukhuri Kathal Pukhuri
PKPU Peddakurapadu Peddakurapadu
TBAE Tribeni Tribeni
SKND Sukinda Road Sukinda Road
KRY Kadiri Kadiri
BOI Bainchi Bainchi
NHLN Naharlagun Naharlagun
SRPM Siripuram Siripuram
KJU Kuntighat Kuntighat
JKPR Jakhapura Jakhapura
JOR Jalor Jalor
SDLE Swadinpur Swadinpur
GMTO Gumto Gumto
VJA Vejandla Vejandla
DMLE Dumurdaha Dumurdaha
KURJ Khajuraho Khajuraho
MBNL Marwar Bhinmal Marwar Bhinmal
BSBR Banshlai Bridge Banshlai Bridge
ASTG Ashtegaon Ashtegaon
CIV Chinnaravuru Chinnaravuru
KMAE Khamargachhi Khamargachhi
MHV Mahuva Junction Mahuva Junction
RNV Raniwara Raniwara
NGF Nagarnabi Nagarnabi
MRSH Morshi Morshi
VMU Vemuru Vemuru
JIT Jirat Jirat
WC Wadhwan City Wadhwan City
PRT Panruti Panruti
TBB Tilbhita Tilbhita
WOC Warud Orange Ct Warud Orange Ct
PUMU Penumarru Penumarru
BGAE Balagarh Balagarh
DAS Dhasa Junction Dhasa Junction
VDL Vithisvarankol Vithisvarankol
BKLE Bakudi Bakudi
PUSA Pusla Pusla
BQU Bhattiprolu Bhattiprolu
SOAE Somra Bazar Somra Bazar
SVKD Savarkundla Savarkundla
VRLR Virani Alur Virani Alur
DDX Dhamdhamia Dhamdhamia
MWAD Mowad Mowad
POA Palikona Palikona
BHLA Behula Behula
RJU Rajula City Rajula City
BDI Bhadli Bhadli
KXE Kalian Chak Kalian Chak
PIT Palitana Palitana
RAL Repalle Repalle
GPAE Guptipara Guptipara
NPRD Nagpur Road Nagpur Road
PLD Paldhi Paldhi
KPTO Karanpur Ato Karanpur Ato
SQE Samarala Halt Samarala Halt
BYPL Baiyyappanahali Baiyyappanahali
BGRA Baghnapara Baghnapara
SPDR Sheoprasadnager Sheoprasadnager
CHLK Chavalkhede Chavalkhede
MJP Moharajpur Moharajpur
FKB Fakhrabad Fakhrabad
ULNR Ulhasnagar Ulhasnagar
DTAE Dhatrigram Dhatrigram
SNSI Sainagar Shirdi Sainagar Shirdi
BHNE Bhone Bhone
KRMA Karamtola Karamtola
LAUL Laul Laul
ABH Ambarnath Ambarnath
SMAE Samudragarh Samudragarh
VPN Vidyapatinagar Vidyapatinagar
TKHE Takarkhede Takarkhede
LMM Lailakh Mamlkha Lailakh Mamlkha
BRMT Baramati Baramati
BUD Badlapur Badlapur
LCAE Lalbagh Crt Road Lalbagh Crt Road
MVI Morbi Morbi
BRTK Bhortex Bhortex
MVV Maheshi Maheshi
SSF Sirsuphal Sirsuphal
KMST Kamshet Kamshet
ACLE Azimganj City Azimganj City
DJR To Darjeeling To Darjeeling
PDP Padse Padse
GNNA Gangani Gangani
KFH Katphal Katphal
OML Omalur Omalur
MPLR Mahipal Road Mahipal Road
SBPY Sambalpur City Sambalpur City
BEW Betavad Betavad
TGH Titagarh Titagarh
MDRR Madavnagar Road Madavnagar Road
BP Barrackpore Barrackpore
MGLE Manigram Manigram
BNF Bandhua Bandhua
NDN Nardana Nardana
IP Ichhapur Ichhapur
PTWA Patwara Patwara
BOKR Bhokar Bhokar
GALE Gankar Gankar
NDW Nadwan Nadwan
HOL Hol Hol
SNR Shyamnagar Shyamnagar
PKRD Pakara Road Pakara Road
HEM Himayatnagar Himayatnagar
AHN Ahiran Ahiran
GNVR Gondwanavisapur Gondwanavisapur
SNSL Sonshelu Sonshelu
KNR Kankinara Kankinara
BUU Bhadanpur Bhadanpur
PMKT Pimpalkhuti Pimpalkhuti
SPLE Sujnipara Sujnipara
TKMY Taklimiya Taklimiya
VKH Vikhran Road Vikhran Road
GFAE Garifa Garifa
LGCE Lagargawan Lagargawan
LNT Lingti Lingti
SXP Sankopara Sankopara
HM Hadmatiya Junction Hadmatiya Junction
RNL Ranala Ranala
HYG Hooghly Ghat Hooghly Ghat
KMA Kaima Kaima
KAYR Kayar Kayar
CMX Chamagram Chamagram
KHD Khodiyar Khodiyar
TISI Tisi Tisi
JRW Joramow Joramow
HNM Hinautaramban Hinautaramban
WANI Wani Wani
KTJ Khaltipur Khaltipur
BLQR Bilaspur Road Bilaspur Road
UCP Uchippuli Uchippuli
DMGN Dhamalgaon Dhamalgaon
BGHI Bagahai Road Bagahai Road
CHSM Chinna Salem Chinna Salem
JMQ Jamirghata Jamirghata
EKMA Ekma Ekma
HLZ Haldia Haldia
RPK Ravalpali Kalan Ravalpali Kalan
TZR Turki Road Turki Road
ATU Attur Attur
GZM Gour Malda Gour Malda
SRNK Soron Soron
HNMN Hanuman Station Hanuman Station
NGHW Nageshwadi Halt Nageshwadi Halt
DNX Dhansu Dhansu
VGE Valappadi G Hlt Valappadi G Hlt
DDJ Dum Dum Dum Dum
BNVD Bhanvad Bhanvad
GUG Garh Jaipur Garh Jaipur
MKDD Mukundawadi Ha Mukundawadi Ha
BXC Barwala Barwala
APN Ayodhyapattanam Ayodhyapattanam
HLR Halisahar Halisahar
CRE Chorghatpiparia Chorghatpiparia
JRG Jugpura Jugpura
PSAE Purbasthali Purbasthali
UKN Uklana Uklana
GLTA Gahlota Gahlota
SXT Salem Town Salem Town
KPA Kanchrapara Kanchrapara
LKKD Lakkadkot Lakkadkot
KCV Krishna Ch Pura Krishna Ch Pura
ADST Adi Saptagram Adi Saptagram
JPS Jmlpr Shaikhan Jmlpr Shaikhan
NHY Naganahalli Naganahalli
PRNA Purnia Junction Purnia Junction
KYI Kalyani Kalyani
ZRDE Jiradei Jiradei
DRZ Dalli Rajhara Dalli Rajhara
TLO Talandu Talandu
GRN Gurnay Gurnay
BDRL Byadarahalli Byadarahalli
FBG Forbesganj Forbesganj
CDH Chakdaha Chakdaha
GJH Goldinganj Goldinganj
BXA Balod Balod
KHN Khanyan Khanyan
BSS Bahadur Singh W Bahadur Singh W
Y Yeliyur Yeliyur
JBN Jogbani Jogbani
KLNP Kalinarynpur Junction Kalinarynpur Junction
MINA Miyana Miyana
GDZ Gundardehi Gundardehi
SRJN Sirajnagar H Sirajnagar H
HMI Himmatana Himmatana
KSM Kamasamudram Kamasamudram
BLND Bolinna Doaba Bolinna Doaba
BIJ Birnagar Birnagar
VJP Vijay Pur Vijay Pur
RSA Risama Risama
PDX Payradanga Payradanga
KUP Kup Kup
BSM Bisanattam Bisanattam
KUPR Khurdpur Khurdpur
THP Taherpur Taherpur
CRLM Karamelaram Karamelaram
MXA Marauda Marauda
SBBJ Sbb Jogulamba H Sbb Jogulamba H
GILL Gill Gill
GDP Gudupulli Gudupulli
SCQ Sham Chaurasi Sham Chaurasi
BDZ Badkulla Badkulla
NAL Nal Halt Nal Halt
SZP Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
NBPH New Balarampur New Balarampur
GSW Gursar Shnewala Gursar Shnewala
MAR Mulanur Mulanur
NAS Nasrala Nasrala
BPD Bahadurpur Bahadurpur
BFR Bekal Fort Bekal Fort
KCI Kallkiri Kallkiri
KOX Kachujor Kachujor
BWB Bagwali Bagwali
PU Patchur Patchur
HSX Hoshiarpur Hoshiarpur
DHU Dhubulia Dhubulia
BAHI Ballenahalli Ballenahalli
HIJ Hijilli Hijilli
TIW Tivari Tivari
PTRL Pathrala Pathrala
SKPT Somanayakkanpti Somanayakkanpti
STD Satrod Satrod
MGM Muragacha Muragacha
DKAE Dankuni Dankuni
HOJ Hamitonganj Hamitonganj
KAJG Karanjgaon Karanjgaon
BMK Birang Khera Birang Khera
PTT Putalapattu Putalapattu
SVH Sonadanga Sonadanga
GATD Gautamdhara Gautamdhara
BDWL Biradhwal Biradhwal
THE Thawe Jn Thawe Jn
NAWN Nawan Nawan
PAM Panapakam Panapakam
SLNA Salauna Salauna
DEB Debagram Debagram
ANKX Ank Mmr Direct Ank Mmr Direct
DJI Dhoraji Dhoraji
TOI Tamkuhi Road Tamkuhi Road
DBI Dabli Rathan Dabli Rathan
KEN Kotala Kotala
HPO Hasanpur Road Hasanpur Road
PCX Pagla Chandi Pagla Chandi
SALI Sali Sali
UA Upleta Upleta
POU Padrauna Padrauna
AMPR Amarpura Rathan Amarpura Rathan
CGI Chandragiri Chandragiri
ROA Rusera Ghat Rusera Ghat
REJ Rejinagar Rejinagar
SK Sakhun Sakhun
JDH Jam Jodhpur Junction Jam Jodhpur Junction
AJU Arjuni Arjuni
RMH Rangmahal Rangmahal
SKLR Sakleshpur Sakleshpur
BFT Bhabta Bhabta
DTRA Dantra Dantra
MLB Modnimb Modnimb
GTST Gautamsthan Gautamsthan
RJS Rajiyasar Rajiyasar
BYR Bhayandar Bhayandar
SBHR Subrahmanya Roa Subrahmanya Roa
SGV Saragchni Saragchni
BNWS Bhanwasa Bhanwasa
DLGN Dhalgaon Dhalgaon
BDWS Badarwas Badarwas
AS Arjansar Arjansar
KLV Kelva Road Kelva Road
KBPR Kabakaputtur Kabakaputtur
CSZ Cossimbazar Cossimbazar
DHND Dhinda Dhinda
NYG Nayagarh Nayagarh
RRS Raghuraj Singh Raghuraj Singh
MLC Malkisar Malkisar
KEB Karambeli Karambeli
BNTL Bantawala Bantawala
BQG Bhagwangola Bhagwangola
BOBS Bobas Bobas
PRNR Porjanpur Porjanpur
GKL Gokulpur Gokulpur
NTZ Nathwana Nathwana
ACL Ancheli Ancheli
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