The Indian Railway Station List Decoded

Indian Railways boasts of an impressive network of railway lines, which connect the farthest parts of the country together. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Indian Railway station list is not only long, but also rather overwhelming.

Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned traveller or a newbie, you are likely to be confused when it comes to deciding which railway station would be perfect to embark and disembark from a train during your journey. Though the Indian railway's enquiry is always there to help, it can sometimes put you in a fix if you are not well versed with station codes etc.

Realizing this problem, has come up with a simplified station list that not only gives you an idea of the trains between important stations but the details of every train that makes its way through the railway lines of India during any given period. Interesting, isn’t it? So, let us get started with understanding this station list and all that lies within.

Wondering why you would need a station list when you can get the desired information from the railway enquiry? Well, here’s the answer to your query:

  • Busy Enquiry System: There is no doubt that the railway enquiry system is a great way to get a clear picture of the perfect train and the stations. But, with millions of people approaching this system every day, you might end up waiting endlessly for your turn. On the other hand, with an Indian railway station list in tow, you can quickly get an answer to your queries without seeking any help.
  • Identifying the Stations: The Indian railways span the length and breadth of the country. Thus, the number of railway stations in India is far beyond what you can actually imagine. In such a scenario, unless you are planning to make your journey through some really important stations, it might be hard for you to identify the exact trains that pass through the station. However, using a station list you can easily pick the trains that pass through a particular station.
  • Getting the Codes: If you are thinking of booking a train ticket online, you need to be aware of the station code of the starting point as well as your destination. You can easily find all railway station codes in the station list. So, using it will simplify your ticket booking ordeal for sure.
  • Information about Stations and Places: Whether you are an Indian citizen or a tourist from overseas, chances are rife that you are not well versed with every station in India. A station list is not just a tool of online station code enquiry, but it also gives you a sneak peek into various Indian stations and the trains that run to and fro from here. with its station list, which is at par with that of the Indian Railways list, helps you find all details of train numbers and station codes. It has a list of all the trains along with their train number, the starting point, and ending point. If you click on the train name, you will be directed to a page with information on all the railway stations in India through which this train will pass along with the station codes.

You will also get details about the time of arrival and departure from each station along with the distance between two stations and the duration of the journey. Also, on clicking the name of any station on the train list, you will be directed to a page that will give you all the information about the station. You will get an insight on all the trains along with their train numbers that start or pass through this station and the days on which they operate on.

The station list designed by surely simplifies the process of planning a journey, what with all railway station codes and other important details being just a click away. So, the next time you are planning a train journey, make it less of an ordeal with and its list of stations and enjoy a hassle-free time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When will the station list be particularly useful for me?

If you are planning to embark from or disembark on a smaller station, you would need this list to find the details of trains that pass through it.

2. Why will I need the station list?

  • To check the trains that start from a particular station
  • To get an idea of the trains that are headed to a particular station
  • To get the details of all the stations that a train passes through
  • To get the train number of the trains starting/passing through a particular station

3. How can I find the names of the trains that pass through/start/are destined to a particular station?

On the station list designed by click on the name of the station of your choice. You will be redirected to a page where you will find the list of all the trains that start/pass through/end on that station.

4. Where can I find the station code on the station list?

The station code is mentioned in a bracket along with the name of each station on the station list.

5. Can I get the train route of a train from the station list?

Yes, on a station list you will find the name of all the trains that start/pass through/end at a particular station. By clicking on the train name, you can get the route of the train.

List of Indian Railways stations

Station code Station name Location Trains passing through
KMLI Kamli Kamli
KP Kamptee Kamptee 12
KWM Kampur Kampur 4
KKET Kamrup Khetri Kamrup Khetri
KMST Kamshet Kamshet
KML Kamtaul Kamtaul
KKU Kanakpura Kanakpura 4
KNLS Kanalas Junction Kanalas Junction 2
KASR Kanas Road Kanas Road 2
KNSR Kanasar Kanasar
KUT Kanauta Kanauta
CJ Kanchipuram Kanchipuram 4
KPA Kanchrapara Kanchrapara
KDZ Kandaghat Kandaghat 4
KDRP Kandarpur Kandarpur
KDLR Kandel Road Kandel Road 1
KND Kandra Kandra 6
KNDI Kandrori Kandrori 2
KGX Kanginhal Kanginhal 2
KNHP Kanhaipur Kanhaipur
KZE Kanhangad Kanhangad 21
KNGN Kanhegaon Kanhegaon 3
KANJ Kanil Kanil
KNNK Kanina Khas Kanina Khas 2
KWB Kaniwara Kaniwara
KXP Kaniyapuram Kaniyapuram
KBRV Kanjari Boriyav Kanjari Boriyav 2
KKAH Kankaha Kankaha 2
KNKD Kankanadi Kankanadi 20
KHE Kankather Kankather
KKW Kankavali Kankavali 10
KKA Kanki Kanki
KNR Kankinara Kankinara
KPQ Kannapuram Kannapuram 18
KJN Kannauj Kannauj 2
CAN Kannur Kannur 44
KANO Kanoh Kanoh 2
CPA Kanpur Anwrganj Kanpur 6
CNB Kanpur Central Kanpur 185
KXN Kanshbahal Kanshbahal 2
QSR Kansrao Kansrao 2
KBJ Kantabanji Kantabanji 15
KTD Kantadih Kantadih
KPL Kantakapalle Kantakapalle 1
KNT Kanth Kanth 8
KNHN Kanthan Junction Kanthan Junction
KATI Kanthi P H Kanthi P H 4
KIW Kanwalpura Kanwalpura
KAWT Kanwat Kanwat 1
CAPE Kanyakumari Kanyakumari 12
KPNA Kapan Kapan 1
KIN Kapasan Kapasan 2
KIS Kapilas Road Kapilas Road 2
KFI Kappil Kappil
KPZ Kapren Kapren
KEH Kapseti Kapseti 5
CPJ Kaptanganj Junction Kaptanganj Junction 10
KPDH Kapurdha Halt Kapurdha Halt
KXH Kapurthala Kapurthala 4
KRBO Karaboh Karaboh
KRD Karad Karad 30
CRR Karagola Road Karagola Road 14
KIK Karaikal Karaikal
KKDI Karaikkudi Junction Karaikkudi Junction
KRLR Karaila Road Junction Karaila Road Junction 4
KJG Karajgi Karajgi 2
KKB Karak Bel Karak Bel 2
KVLS Karakavalasa Karakavalasa 1
KEB Karambeli Karambeli
CRLM Karamelaram Karamelaram
KMS Karamnasa Karamnasa 3
KRMA Karamtola Karamtola
KFD Karanjadi Karanjadi
KAJG Karanjgaon Karanjgaon
KPTO Karanpur Ato Karanpur Ato
KWO Karauta Karauta 6
KRV Karavadi Karavadi 1
KBN Karbigwan Karbigwan 2
KCN Karchana Karchana 2
KDHA Karchha Karchha 2
KY Kareli Kareli 19
KEG Karengi Karengi 2
KRA Karepalli Karepalli 1
KRPR Karepur Karepur
KGB Kargi Road Kargi Road 11
KYX Karhiya Bhadeli Karhiya Bhadeli 2
KGW Kariganuru Kariganuru
KXJ Karimganj Junction Karimganj Junction
KRMR Karimnagar Karimnagar
KMDR Karimuddin Pur Karimuddin Pur 1
KRS Karisath Karisath 2
KJT Karjat Mumbai 53
KRJD Karjoda Karjoda
KKI Karkeli Karkeli 4
KEK Karkheli Karkheli 2
KMV Karmad Karmad
KRMI Karmali Goa 10
KAR Karna Karna 2
KUN Karnal Karnal 36
KOA Karonda Karonda 1
KJZ Karonji Karonji 2
KPGM Karpurigram Karpurigram 8
KRE Kartarpur Kartarpur 14
KPY Karunagapalli Karunagapalli 16
KRR Karur Karur 18
KAWR Karwar Karwar 18
KSRA Kasara Kasara 20
KGQ Kasaragod Kasaragod 34
KSJ Kasganj Kasganj 6
KEI Kashi Kashi 24
KSC Kashi Chak Kashi Chak 2
KPV Kashipur Kashipur 2
KSPR Kashipura Sarar Kashipura Sarar
KSTH Kashti Kashti 1
KCH Kasim Kota Halt Kasim Kota Halt
KSK Kasimkota Kasimkota
KCJ Kasimpur Kasimpur 4
KSTA Kastha Kastha
KASU Kasu Kasu
KTX Katakhal Junction Katakhal Junction 4
KTRH Katareah Katareah 4
KTPR Kathal Pukhuri Kathal Pukhuri
KTRR Kathara Road Kathara Road 2
KGF Kathghar Kathghar
KGM Kathgodam Kathgodam 8
KEJ Kathleeghat Kathleeghat 2
KTHU Kathua Kathua 49
KIR Katihar Junction Katihar Junction 42
KTE Katni Katni 100
KMZ Katni Murwara Katni Murwara
KTES Katni South Katni South
KATL Katol Katol 23
KTO Katora Katora 2
KPD Katpadi Junction Katpadi 104
KFH Katphal Katphal
KEA Katra Katra 2
KTH Katrasgarh Katrasgarh 12
KWAE Katwa Katwa 10
KUF Kaurha Kaurha 2
KVZ Kavali Kavali 34
KVK Kavathe Mahankl Kavathe Mahankl
KVM Kavutaram Kavutaram 4
KWGN Kawargaon Kawargaon 2
KZY Kayalpattinam Kayalpattinam
QMRS Kayamsar Kayamsar 2
KYJ Kayankulam Junction Kayankulam Junction 56
KAYR Kayar Kayar
KZK Kazhakuttam Kazhakuttam 2
KZJ Kazipet Junction Kazipet Junction 60
FM Kcg Falaknuma Kcg Falaknuma 2
KCKI Keckhi Keckhi
KDG Kedgaon Kedgaon 6
KLOD Kelod Kelod
KLV Kelva Road Kelva Road
KEM Kem Kem 3
KEMR Kemri Kemri 4
KNPS Kendposi Kendposi
KNPR Kendrapara Road Kendrapara Road 1
KDJR Kendujhargarh Kendujhargarh
KDKN Kendukana Kendukana
KGI Kengeri Kengeri 6
KLZ Keolari Keolari
KDM Kesamudram Kesamudram 13
KSVM Kesavaram Kesavaram 1
KVJ Keshavganj Keshavganj
KSD Keshod Keshod 8
KPTN Keshorai Patan Keshorai Patan 4
KSNG Kesinga Kesinga 21
KESR Kesri Singhpur Kesri Singhpur
KXT Ketti Ketti 3
KTGA Keutguda Keutguda 2
KUH Khachrod Khachrod 22
KZA Khada Khada 3
KDPA Khadapa Khadapa
KK Khadki Pune 11
KGA Khaga Khaga 10
KGG Khagaria Junction Khagaria Junction 36
KGLE Khagraghat Road Khagraghat Road 10
KID Khairar Junction Khairar Junction 4
KQD Khairatabad Dcn Khairatabad Dcn
KRH Khairthal Khairthal 17
KJI Khajauli Khajauli
KURJ Khajuraho Khajuraho
KJW Khajwana Khajwana
KLRE Khalari Khalari 11
KLD Khalilabad Khalilabad 42
KIP Khalilpur Khalilpur 1
KSF Khalispur Khalispur 6
KIT Khallikot Khallikot 10
KTJ Khaltipur Khaltipur
KMAE Khamargachhi Khamargachhi
KMBL Khambhaliya Khambhaliya 16
KMN Khamgaon Khamgaon
KMT Khammam Khammam 53
KAN Khana Junction Khana Junction 2
KNP Khanapur Khanapur 4
KAD Khandala Khandala 11
KBH Khandbaara Khandbaara
KNDP Khandip Khandip
KNW Khandwa Khandwa 75
KNN Khanna Khanna 29
KHBJ Khanna Banjari Khanna Banjari 2
KHN Khanyan Khanyan
KPKD Khapri Kheda Khapri Kheda
KGP Kharagpur Junction Kharagpur Junction 96
KHRK Kharak Kharak 3
KXG Kharia Khangarh Kharia Khangarh
KRAR Khariar Road Khariar Road 15
KRSA Kharsaliya Kharsaliya 2
KHS Kharsia Kharsia 12
KRW Kharwa Kharwa
KRCD Kharwa Chanda Kharwa Chanda
KHAT Khat Khat
KAT Khatauli Khatauli 9
KHTG Khatgaon Khatgaon
KHMA Khatima Khatima 1
KWP Khatipura Khatipura
KHTU Khatu Khatu 1
KHED Khed Khed 7
KQW Kheduli Kheduli
KLH Khemli Khemli
KHKN Khera Kalan Khera Kalan 2
KSW Kheri Salwa Kheri Salwa
KL Kheril Kheril 4
KS Kheta Sarai Kheta Sarai 6
KLYN Khileriyan Khileriyan 1
KZQ Khimel Khimel
KNNA Khinaniyan Khinaniyan 1
KKN Khirkiya Khirkiya 13
KUX Khirsadoh Junction Khirsadoh Junction
KHDB Khodiyar Khodiyar
KHD Khodiyar Khodiyar
KOI Khodri Khodri 4
KBY Khoirabari Khoirabari 2
KGS Khongsara Khongsara 4
KRND Khorason Road Khorason Road 12
KORI Khori Khori
PUV Khudiram B Pusa Khudiram B Pusa 8
KRBP Khudiram B Pusa Khudiram B Pusa 15
KUTI Khumtai Khumtai
KKNA Khunkhuna Khunkhuna 1
KYE Khurai Khurai 22
KUR Khurda Road Junction Khurda Road Junction 87
KUPR Khurdpur Khurdpur
KHU Khurhand Khurhand 4
KWE Khurial Khurial 4
KJY Khurja City Khurja City 3
KRJ Khurja Junction Khurja Junction 24
KOO Khusropur Khusropur 27
KTHA Khutaha Khutaha 1
KTT Khutbav Khutbav
KHH Kichha Kichha 4
KKRD Kikakui Road Kikakui Road
KKY Kila Kadaiyam Kila Kadaiyam
QRP Kila Raipur Kila Raipur 5
KLQ Kilikollur Kilikollur
KIM Kim Kim 8
KNVT Kinwat Kinwat 2
KCT Kirakat Kirakat
KRDL Kirandul Kirandul 2
KLB Kiraoli Kiraoli 4
KRTH Kiratgarh Kiratgarh
KART Kiratpur Sahib Kiratpur 3
KER Kirihrapur Kirihrapur 2
KOV Kirloskarvadi Kirloskarvadi 9
KRC Kiroda Kiroda 1
KDTR Kirodimalnagar Kirodimalnagar
KNE Kishanganj Kishanganj 65
KSG Kishangarh Kishangarh 22
KSP Kishanpur Kishanpur 2
KGBS Kishengarh Blws Kishengarh Blws
KONY Kisoni Kisoni
KSTE Kistamsettipali Kistamsettipali
KITA Kita Kita 1
KIUL Kiul Junction Kiul Junction 71
KWI Kivarli Kivarli
HKR Kiwar Khed Kiwar Khed
KCVL Kochuveli Trivandrum 4
KAG Kodaganur Kodaganur
KQN Kodaikanal Road Kodaikanal Road 18
KJJ Kodavaluru Kodavaluru 1
KQR Koderma Koderma 50
KODI Kodi Kodi
KDMR Kodiyar Mandir Kodiyar Mandir 2
KMD Kodumudi Kodumudi 8
KOU Koduru Koduru 15
KWR Koelwar Koelwar 4
KOHR Kohir Deccan Kohir Deccan
KEPR Koiripur Koiripur 4
KOJ Kokrajhar Kokrajhar 22
KOL Kolad Kolad
KLX Kolakalur Kolakalur 1
KAQ Kolanukonda Kolanukonda 1
KLRS Kolaras Kolaras 2
KLYT Kolayat Kolayat 4
KFF Kolda Kolda
CP Kolkata Kolkata 16
KOAA Kolkata Kolkata
QLN Kollam Junction Kollam Junction 66
KKTA Kollikhutaha Kollikhutaha 2
KOLR Kolnur Kolnur 2
KVGM Kolvagram Kolvagram
KMK Komakhan Komakhan 1
KMX Komatipalli Komatipalli 1
KQA Kondagunta Kondagunta 1
KI Kondapalli Kondapalli 4
KDP Kondapuram Kondapuram 13
KPS Kopa Samhota Kopa Samhota 2
KPLE Kopai Kopai
KPG Kopargaon Kopargaon 32
KFA Koparia Koparia 2
KBL Koppal Koppal 8
KRDH Koradih Koradih
KRHA Korahia Korahia
KRIH Korai Halt Korai Halt 2
KRPU Koraput Koraput 6
KRBA Korba Korba 7
KRG Koregaon Koregaon 7
KOK Korukkupet Junction Korukkupet Junction
KUK Korukonda Korukonda 1
KSE Kosad Kosad
KSB Kosamba Junction Kosamba 12
KO Kosgi Kosgi 4
KSV Kosi Kalan Kosi Kalan 25
KSI Kosli Kosli
KTF Kot Fatteh Kot Fatteh 2
KKP Kot Kapura Kot Kapura 10
KOTA Kota Junction Kota Junction 75
KBM Kotabommali Kotabommali 4
KEN Kotala Kotala
KLP Kotalpukur Kotalpukur 2
KTOA Kotana Kotana
KPRR Kotapar Road Kotapar Road 2
KRL Kotarlia Kotarlia
KTW Kotdwara Kotdwara 4
KTCR Kothacheruvu Kothacheruvu
KTR Kothar Kothar
KTHD Kothari Road Kothari Road 1
KOTI Koti Koti 1
KQK Kotikulam Kotikulam 6
KTKH Kotlakheri Kotlakheri
KTKL Kotli Kalan Kotli Kalan 1
KTMA Kotma Kotma 3
KTSH Kotmi Sonan Hlt Kotmi Sonan Hlt 1
KSX Kotshila Kotshila 7
KPLL Kotta Pndlpalli Kotta Pndlpalli 1
KYOP Kottapalli Kottapalli 2
KKZ Kottarakara Kottarakara
KTV Kottavalasa Kottavalasa 15
KTYM Kottayam Kottayam 40
CVP Kovilpatti Kovilpatti 20
KVR Kovvur Kovvur 17
CLT Kozhikode Kozhikode 44
KRNR Krishanrajanaga Krishanrajanaga 4
KSN Krishna Krishna 13
KCC Krishna Canal Krishna Canal 2
KCV Krishna Ch Pura Krishna Ch Pura
KEF Krishnama Kona Krishnama Kona
KRP Krishnapur Krishnapur
KJM Krishnarajapurm Bangalore 42
KRSL Krishnashilla Krishnashilla 2
KNJ Krishngr Cty Junction Krishngr Cty Junction 2
KMNC Kuchaman City Kuchaman City 12
KCA Kuchman Kuchman 3
KUD Kudachi Kudachi 10
KUDL Kudal Kudal 14
KON Kudalnagar Kudalnagar 1
KDN Kudatini Kudatini
KTQ Kudra Kudra 11
KDSD Kudsad Kudsad
KUU Kuhuri Kuhuri 5
KFP Kukra Khapa Kukra Khapa
KUI Kulali Kulali
QLM Kulem Kulem 11
KUA Kulharia Kulharia
KLT Kulitalai Kulitalai 6
KZT Kulitthurai Kulitthurai 8
KZTW Kulitturai West Kulitturai West 1
KLAR Kulpahar Kulpahar 8
ULT Kulti Kulti 12
KLA Kulwa Kulwa
KMSD Kumar Sadra Kumar Sadra 2
KMME Kumardubi Kumardubi 16
KUGT Kumarghat Kumarghat
KMTI Kumarhatti Kumarhatti 3
KMU Kumbakonam Kumbakonam 6
KHRJ Kumbhraj Kumbhraj 4
KMQ Kumbla Kumbla 6
KDPR Kumedpur Kumedpur 8
KMEZ Kumhar Marenga Kumhar Marenga
KMI Kumhari Kumhari 1
KBQ Kumrabad Rohini Kumrabad Rohini
KMSI Kumsi Kumsi
KT Kumta Kumta 12
KTKR Kumtha Khurd Kumtha Khurd
KHNM Kunda Harnamgnj Kunda Harnamgnj 13
KDLG Kundalgarh Kundalgarh
KUDA Kundapura Kundapura 14
KUV Kundara Kundara
KFV Kundara East Kundara East
KD Kundarkhi Kundarkhi
KNO Kundgol Kundgol
KVG Kuneanganj Kuneanganj 3
KNRT Kuneru Kuneru 1
KZU Kunki Kunki
KJU Kuntighat Kuntighat
KUP Kup Kup
KGL Kupgal Kupgal 4
KPN Kuppam Kuppam 18
KRLI Kurali Kurali 3
KWV Kurduvadi Kurduvadi 27
KQT Kurgunta Kurgunta 5
KIF Kuri Kuri
KCD Kurichedu Kurichedu 4
CLA Kurla Junction Kurla Junction
KRLS Kurlas Kurlas
KRNT Kurnool Town Kurnool Town 22
KUE Kursela Kursela 11
KGN Kurseong Kurseong 4
KKDE Kurukshetra Junction Kurukshetra Junction 35
KZB Kurumbur Kurumbur
KIKA Kurwai Kethora Kurwai Kethora
KTA Kushtala Kushtala
KSU Kushtaur Kushtaur
KHM Kusmhi Kusmhi 1
KTM Kutralam Kutralam 2
KTU Kuttippuram Kuttippuram 28
KTK Kyataneakeri Rd Kyataneakeri Rd
KIAT Kyatsandra Kyatsandra
LBN Laban Laban
LAV Labha Labha 8
LNH Lachhmangarh Sk Lachhmangarh Sk 4
LMN Lachhmanpur Lachhmanpur 9
LHN Lachyan Lachyan
LDX Ladda Ladda 1
LDW Ladhowal Ladhowal 1
LAU Ladnun Ladnun 1
LR Ladpura Ladpura
LGCE Lagargawan Lagargawan
LHB Lahabon Lahabon
LSI Laheria Sarai Laheria Sarai 13
LHLL Lahli Lahli 2
LMM Lailakh Mamlkha Lailakh Mamlkha
LPNR Lajpat Nagar Lajpat Nagar
LKZ Lakadiya Lakadiya
LKE Lakheri Lakheri 10
LKW Lakhewali Lakhewali
LMP Lakhimpur Lakhimpur 4
LKY Lakhmapur Lakhmapur
LKN Lakhminia Lakhminia 10
LKNA Lakhna Lakhna 1
LAE Lakholi Lakholi 1
LTR Lakhtar Lakhtar 4
LKKD Lakkadkot Lakkadkot
LVK Lakkavarapukota Lakkavarapukota
LKD Lakodara Lakodara
LRJ Laksar Junction Laksar Junction 49
LMNR Lakshmibai Ngr Lakshmibai Ngr 1
LXA Lakswa Lakswa
LKU Lal Kuan Lal Kuan 12
LGDH Lalaguda Gate Lalaguda Gate
LLD Lalawadi Lalawadi
LCAE Lalbagh Crt Road Lalbagh Crt Road
LLJ Lalganj Lalganj 2
LGH Lalgarh Junction Lalgarh Junction 12
LGL Lalgola Lalgola 2
LGO Lalgopalganj Lalgopalganj 9
LLI Lalgudi Lalgudi 4
LLPR Lalit Lakshmipr Lalit Lakshmipr
LAR Lalitpur Lalitpur 53
LLR Lalpur Lalpur
LPJ Lalpur Jam Lalpur Jam 7
LRU Lalpur Umri Lalpur Umri
LLU Lalru Lalru 3
LNA Lamana Lamana
LBA Lambhua Lambhua 8
LKG Lamsakhang Lamsakhang
LTA Lamta Lamta
LDR Landaura Landaura
LGT Langting Langting 4
LJR Lanjigarh Road Lanjigarh Road 4
LKA Lanka Lanka 6
LPN Laopani Laopani
LRD Lar Road Lar 9
LS Lasalgaon Lasalgaon 16
LSE Laseri Laseri 1
LSR Lasur Lasur 10
LTHR Latehar Latehar 13
LMTD Latemda Latemda 2
LTD Lathidad Lathidad
LUR Latur Latur 2
LTRR Latur Road Latur Road 6
LAUL Laul Laul
LKMR Laxmipur Road Laxmipur Road 4
LEDO Ledo Ledo 1
LHA Lehra Gaga Lehra Gaga 4
LOD Lekoda Lekoda
LLGM Leliguma Leliguma 2
LDA Lidhora Khurd Lidhora Khurd 2
LMO Liliya Mota Liliya Mota
LM Limbdi Limbdi 2
LBG Limbgaon Limbgaon
LMK Limkheda Limkheda 2
LIG Linga Linga
LPI Lingampalli Lingampalli 9
LMD Linganenidoddi Linganenidoddi
LNT Lingti Lingti
LDP Lodipur Bishnpr Lodipur Bishnpr
LOHA Loha Loha 1
LHU Loharu Loharu 8
LHW Loharwara Loharwara 1
LNK Lohian Khas Junction Lohian Khas Junction 6
LSX Loisingha Loisingha 3
LDE Lokdhikhera Lokdhikhera
LKMN Lokmanya Nagar Lokmanya Nagar
LTT Lokmanyatilak T Mumbai 63
LNN Lonand Lonand 7
LNL Lonavala Lonavala 70
LD Londa Junction Londa 32
LJO Longrangajao Longrangajao 2
LONI Loni Loni
LOA Lorha Lorha 2
LPH Lotapahar Lotapahar
LTV Lotarva Lotarva
LOV Lovedale Lovedale 3
LFG Lower Haflong Lower Haflong 4
LKR Luckeesarai Junction Luckeesarai Junction 38
LC Lucknow City Lucknow 14
LJN Lucknow Ne Lucknow 36
LKO Lucknow Nr Lucknow 144
LDH Ludhiana Junction Ludhiana 106
LMG Lumding Junction Lumding Junction 22
LUNI Luni Junction Luni 23
LNR Luni Richha Luni Richha 2
LKS Lunkaransar Lunkaransar 8
LUSA Lusa Lusa 7
LSD Lusadiya Lusadiya
MCV Macharya Macharya
MCVM Machavaram Machavaram 1
MTM Machelipatnam Machelipatnam 4
MKRD Machhakunda Machhakunda 1
MML Madan Mahal Madan Mahal 19
MPL Madanapalle Road Madanapalle Road
MNC Madankata Madankata
MPJ Madanpur Madanpur
MD Madar Madar 3
MDJN Madar Jn Madar Jn
MDRR Madavnagar Road Madavnagar Road
MKR Maddikera Maddikera 6
MAD Maddur Maddur 7
MAO Madgaon Goa 39
MA Madha Madha 4
MDVR Madhavnagar Madhavnagar 1
MID Madhi Madhi 2
MDR Madhira Madhira 18
MDPB Madhopur Punjab Madhopur Punjab 10
MBS Madhosingh Madhosingh 4
MBI Madhubani Madhubani 2
MDP Madhupur Junction Madhupur Junction 59
MDU Madurai Junction Madurai Junction 40
MMK Madurantakam Madurantakam 4
MADR Madure Madure
MWRN Madwarani Madwarani
MHH Maghar Maghar 8
MUG Magra Magra
MMH Mahadanapuram Mahadanapuram 1
MDVK Mahadeokhedi Mahadeokhedi
MXW Mahadevsal Mahadevsal
MHJ Mahajan Mahajan 6
MMV Mahali Marup Mahali Marup
MHN Mahanadi Mahanadi 2
MANG Mahanagar Mahanagar 1
MWR Mahansar Mahansar
MSMD Mahasamund Mahasamund 15
MABD Mahbubabad Mahbubabad 27
MBNR Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar 22
MAHE Mahe Mahe 16
MHRG Mahendragarh Mahendragarh 7
MSK Mahes Khunt Mahes Khunt 10
MSH Mahesana Junction Mahesana 34
MVV Maheshi Maheshi
MMD Maheshmunda Maheshmunda 1
MEP Mahidpur Road Mahidpur Road 10
MPLR Mahipal Road Mahipal Road
MMB Mahmudabad Avdh Mahmudabad Avdh 2
MBA Mahoba Mahoba 12
MAHO Maholi Maholi 2
MHO Mahpur Mahpur
MFQ Mahroi Mahroi
MHQ Mahuda Mahuda 2
MUGA Mahugarha Mahugarha
MXR Mahur Mahur 4
MHV Mahuva Junction Mahuva Junction
MWW Mahwa Mahwa
MBG Maibang Maibang 4
MYR Maihar Maihar 67
MINJ Maikalganj Maikalganj 2
MLN Mailani Mailani 6
MWY Mailaram Mailaram
MGX Mailongdisa Mailongdisa 2
MNQ Mainpuri Mainpuri 2
MW Mairwa Mairwa 14
MJBT Majbat Majbat 2
MJG Majhagawan Majhagawan 6
MJZ Majhola Pakarya Majhola Pakarya 1
MJL Majhowlia Majhowlia 2
MJRI Majri Junction Majri Junction 7
MPR Makarpura Makarpura
MDE Makhdumpur Gaya Makhdumpur Gaya 2
MXH Makhu Makhu 6
MKL Maklidrug Maklidrug
MKN Makrana Junction Makrana Junction 20
MQP Makrandpur Makrandpur
MKRA Makrera Makrera
MKRN Makronia Makronia 6
MKC Maksi Maksi 28
MKDI Makudi Makudi
MJN Makum Junction Makum Junction 1
MKH Malakhera Malakhera 6
MXT Malakpet Kcg Malakpet Kcg 2
MLNH Malancha Malancha 1
MLAR Malanpur Malanpur 2
MLZ Malarna Malarna 3
MVL Malavli Malavli
MLDT Malda Town Malda Town 57
MGVK Malegaon Vyenku Malegaon Vyenku
MET Malerkotla Malerkotla 10
MAAR Malhar Malhar
MLG Malhargarh Malhargarh 2
ML Malhour Malhour 1
MVG Maligura Maligura 2
MLD Malihabad Malihabad 9
MKPT Malikpeth Malikpeth
MLKP Malikpur Malikpur 1
MLPR Malipur Malipur 14
MALX Maliya Maliya 1
MLHA Maliya Hatina Maliya Hatina 2
MALB Maliya Miyana Maliya Miyana 5
MJF Malkajgiri Malkajgiri 2
MKU Malkapur Malkapur 28
MALK Malkapur Road Malkapur Road
MLK Malkapuram Malkapuram
MQR Malkhaid Road Malkhaid Road 9
MAKR Malkhedi Malkhedi
MLC Malkisar Malkisar
MWX Mallanwala Khas Mallanwala Khas 6
MLGT Mallappa Gate Mallappa Gate
MLP Mallapur Mallapur
MLV Mallarpur Mallarpur 6
MWM Malleswaram Malleswaram 9
MKRH Mallickpur Hat Mallickpur Hat
MVW Mallividu Mallividu 1
MYL Malliyala Malliyala
MOT Malout Malout 9
MQS Malsian Shahkht Malsian Shahkht 2
MLM Malthan Malthan
MLO Malur Malur 6
MWH Malwan Malwan 2
MOM Maman Maman 1
MBM Mambalam Mambalam 13
MVF Manabar Manabar 2
MNSR Manaksar Manaksar 4
MNM Manamadurai Junction Manamadurai Junction 2
MNP Mananpur Mananpur 11
MOW Mananwala Mananwala 1
MPA Manaparai Manaparai 4
MRE Manauri Manauri 2
MCI Mancheral Mancheral 39
MCS Mancheswar Mancheswar 5
MNF Manda Road Manda Road 8
MGF Mandagere Mandagere 2
MDL Mandal Mandal 2
MLGH Mandalgarh Mandalgarh 2
MMZ Mandamari Mandamari 2
MMM Mandapam Mandapam 2
MMS Mandasa Road Mandasa Road 4
MDS Mandasor Mandasor 4
MDVL Mandavalli Mandavalli 2
MURD Mandawar M Road Mandawar M Road 4
MYD Manderdisa Manderdisa 2
MDH Mandhar Mandhar
ADR Mandi Adampur Mandi Adampur 2
MABA Mandi Bamora Mandi Bamora 14
MBY Mandi Dabwali Mandi Dabwali 8
MNDR Mandi Dhanaura Mandi Dhanaura 6
MDDP Mandi Dip Mandi Dip 5
MNDH Mandir Hasaud Mandir Hasaud 1
MDB Mandor Mandor
MXK Mandrak Mandrak
MUV Manduadih Manduadih 13
MYA Mandya Mandya 12
MDGR Manendragarh Manendragarh 2
MAM Mangal Mahudi Mangal Mahudi 1
MAG Mangalagiri Mangalagiri 6
MLI Mangaliyawas Mangaliyawas
MAQ Mangalore Cntl Mangalore 20
MAJN Mangalore Junction Mangalore
MNI Mangaon Mangaon 9
MGG Mangliya Gaon Mangliya Gaon 2
MGLP Mangolpuri Mangolpuri 1
MGRL Mangrolla Mangrolla
MHU Manheru Manheru
MANI Mani Nagar Mani Nagar 4
MGLE Manigram Manigram
MAGH Manikgarh Manikgarh
MKP Manikpur Junction Manikpur Junction 55
MIK Manikul Manikul
MAN Maninagar Maninagar 31
MEJ Maniyachchi Junction Maniyachchi Junction 18
MJBK Manjari Budruk Manjari Budruk
MJS Manjeshwar Manjeshwar 5
MHT Manjhi Manjhi 1
MUR Mankapur Junction Mankapur 34
MNAE Mankar Mankar 6
MKB Mankatha Mankatha 3
MMR Manmad Junction Manmad 112
MQ Mannargudi Mannargudi
MOB Manoharabad Manoharabad
MNJ Manoharganj Manoharganj 3
MOU Manoharpur Manoharpur 12
MSZ Mansa Mansa 10
MNE Mansi Junction Mansi Junction 26
MVH Mantatti Mantatti
MALM Manthralayam Road Manthralayam Road 21
MUGR Manuguru Manuguru 1
MVO Manwath Road Manwath Road 8
MH Marahra Marahra 2
MJY Maramjhiri Maramjhiri
MRPL Marampalli Marampalli 1
MAKM Mararikulam Mararikulam 6
MXA Marauda Marauda
MEZ Marenga Marenga 2
MRG Margherita Margherita 1
MAY Mariahu Mariahu 4
MXN Mariani Junction Mariani Junction 16
MIU Maripat Maripat
MQQ Markahandi U Ht Markahandi U Ht
MRK Markapur Road Markapur Road 6
MKO Markona Markona 2
MKD Markundi Markundi 1
MRL Maroli Maroli 8
MRF Marpalli Marpalli
MIPM Marripalem Ph Marripalem Ph
MPLM Marthipalayam Marthipalayam 2
MR Martur Martur
MBSK Marwar Balia Marwar Balia 1
MBNL Marwar Bhinmal Marwar Bhinmal
MCPE Marwar Chapri Marwar Chapri
MJ Marwar Junction Marwar Junction 34
MWT Marwar Lohwat Marwar Lohwat 2
MMY Marwar Mathanya Marwar Mathanya 4
MDW Marwar Mundwa Marwar Mundwa 7
MWJ Marwasgram Marwasgram
ME Masaipet Masaipet
MST Masit Masit 2
MSW Maskanwa Maskanwa 10
MSDN Masudan Masudan 2
MSR Masur Masur 5
MAE Matheran Matheran
MRT Mathura Cant Mathura Cant 6
MTJ Mathura Junction Mathura 121
MUW Mathurapur Mathurapur 2
MTB Matlabpur Matlabpur
MTU Matmari Matmari 4
MEM Mau Aimma Mau Aimma 2
MAU Mau Junction Mau Junction 29
MRPR Mau Ranipur Mau Ranipur 12
MZH Mauhari Mauhari 3
MLY Maula Ali Maula Ali 4
MAUR Maur Maur 6
MAA Maval Maval
MVLK Mavelikara Mavelikara 24
MVJ Mavli Junction Mavli Junction 9
MYK Mayakonda Mayakonda
MV Mayiladuturai J Mayiladuturai J 2
MYY Mayyanad Mayyanad 2
MGME Mccluskieganj Mccluskieganj 4
MCA Mecheda Mecheda 13
MCRD Mecheri Road Mecheri Road
MPU Medapadu Medapadu 2
MED Medchal Medchal 4
MUT Meerut Cant Meerut 15
MTC Meerut City Meerut 32
MGN Meghnagar Meghnagar 34
MNO Mehnar Road Mehnar Road 5
MAI Mehsi Mehsi 8
MJA Meja Road Meja Road 13
MLTR Melattur Melattur
MLMR Melmaruvattur Melmaruvattur 36
MELH Melusar Melusar 1
MYM Memari Memari
MQX Meralgram Meralgram
MRDL Meramandolil Meramandolil
MTD Merta Road Junction Merta Road Junction 35
MTP Metupalaiyam Metupalaiyam 4
MTDM Metur Dam Metur Dam
MYX Metyal Sohar Metyal Sohar
MWE Mewa Nawada Mewa Nawada
MSDG Mhasoda Dongar Mhasoda Dongar
MHD Mhmdvd Kheda Road Mhmdvd Kheda Road 20
MHOW Mhow Mhow
MDN Midnapore Midnapore 12
MGE Migrendisa Migrendisa 2
MIN Mihinpurwa Mihinpurwa 2
MIH Mihrawan Mihrawan 2
MIL Milak Milak 4
MVN Milavittan Milavittan 4
MNL Minchnal Minchnal
MRJ Miraj Junction Miraj Junction 41
MK Miranpur Katra Miranpur Katra 2
MCQ Mirchadhori Mirchadhori 4
MIQ Mirhakur Mirhakur
MQL Mirkhal Mirkhal
MRTL Mirthal Mirthal 5
MRGA Miryalaguda Miryalaguda 16
MZC Mirza Cheuki Mirza Cheuki 8
MZL Mirzapali Mirzapali 6
MZP Mirzapur Mirzapur 60
MFL Misrauli Misrauli 3
MSO Misrod Misrod
MTI Mitawal Mitawal
MTHP Mithapur Mithapur 2
MYG Miyagam Karjan Miyagam Karjan 12
MYN Miyana Miyana 2
MINA Miyana Miyana
MDNR Modinagar Modinagar 9
MLB Modnimb Modnimb
MON Modran Modran
MDKU Modukuru Modukuru 1
MOGA Moga Moga 2
MHAD Mohadi Prgn Lng Mohadi Prgn Lng 1
MQE Mohammadkhera Mohammadkhera
MHND Mohandi Mohandi 1
MLJ Mohanlalganj Mohanlalganj 3
MONR Mohanur Mohanur
MPML Mohapani Mal Mohapani Mal
MJP Moharajpur Moharajpur
MBP Mohibullapur Mohibullapur
MOP Mohitnagar Mohitnagar 2
MOG Mohiuddinnagar Mohiuddinnagar 4
MO Mohol Mohol 5
MHPE Mohope Mohope
MKSR Mokalsar Mokalsar
MKA Mokameh Junction Mokameh Junction 76
MXL Mokholi Mokholi
MOMU Molakalmuru Molakalmuru
MOF Mondh Mondh 6
MANU Monu Monu
MOR Mor Mor 6
MB Moradabad Moradabad 103
MKX Morak Morak 6
MRHT Moranhat Moranhat
MAP Morappur Morappur 12
MVI Morbi Morbi
MWK Mordad Tanda Mordad Tanda 1
MRDD Mordar Mordar
MRA Morena Morena 44
MGAE Morgram Morgram 1
MOI Mori Bera Mori Bera 2
MRND Morinda Morinda 3
MKDN Morkadhana Morkadhana
MRSH Morshi Morshi
MXO Morthala Morthala
MRN Morwani Morwani 1
MOTH Moth Moth 6
MOTC Motichur Motichur 3
MTR Motipur Motipur 6
MWAD Mowad Mowad
MOO Muddanuru Muddanuru 9
MUE Mudkhed Mudkhed 11
MFJ Muftiganj Muftiganj
MGC Mugat Mugat
MGS Mughal Sarai Junction Mughal Sarai Junction 160
MMA Muhammadabad Muhammadabad 10
MDJ Muhammadganj Muhammadganj 7
MEX Mukerian Mukerian 20
MKSP Mukhasa Parur Mukhasa Parur
MKT Mukhtiar Balwar Mukhtiar Balwar
MKPR Muktapur Muktapur 2
MKS Muktsar Muktsar
MCN Mukundarayapurm Mukundarayapurm 2
MKDD Mukundawadi Ha Mukundawadi Ha
MFA Mukuria Mukuria
MME Mul Marora Mul Marora 2
MCU Mulacalacheruvu Mulacalacheruvu
MNTT Mulanturutti Mulanturutti 2
MAR Mulanur Mulanur
MOL Muli Road Muli Road 2
MULK Mulki Mulki 10
MTY Multai Multai 18
MVD Mulvad Mulvad
BCT Mumbai Central Mumbai 32
CSTM Mumbai Cst Mumbai 70
MBF Munabao Munabao 1
MDLM Mundalaram Mundalaram
MND Munderwa Munderwa 2
MPH Mundha Pande Mundha Pande
MVE Mundhewadi Mundhewadi
MNU Mundikota Mundikota
MGKM Mungaiakami Mungaiakami
MNV Mungaoli Mungaoli 10
MNGD Muniguda Muniguda 17
MRB Munirabad Munirabad 5
MQO Munroturuttu Munroturuttu 2
MUK Munumaka Munumaka
MUPA Mupa Mupa 2
MUD Muradnagar Muradnagar 6
MGM Muragacha Muragacha
MRR Murarai Murarai 10
MPY Murarpur Murarpur 1
MRDW Murdeshwar Murdeshwar 10
MMVR Murgamahadev Rd Murgamahadev Rd
MUP Murhipar Murhipar
MURI Muri Muri 40
MRBL Muribahal Muribahal 3
MZS Murkeongselek Murkeongselek 1
MRIJ Murliganj Murliganj
MSN Mursan Mursan 1
MSDR Murshadpur Murshadpur
MBB Murshidabad Murshidabad 2
MZR Murtajapur Murtajapur 14
MRTY Murti Murti
MRX Murud Murud
MQU Murukkampuzha Murukkampuzha 2
MFKA Musafir Khana Musafir Khana 16
MUA Musra Musra
MBD Mustabada Mustabada 1
MOZ Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar 30
MFP Muzaffarpur Junction Muzaffarpur Junction 70
MZM Muzzampur Nryn Muzzampur Nryn 8
MYS Mysore Junction Mysore 20
GZN N Ghaziabad N Ghaziabad 4
NPK N. Panakudi N. Panakudi
NDAE Nabadwip Dham Nabadwip Dham 10
NBG Nabenagar Road Nabenagar Road 7
NBA Nabha Nabha 13
NIU Nabipur Nabipur 4
NDU Nadauj Nadauj
NBI Nadbai Nadbai 4
ND Nadiad Junction Nadiad 82
NDKD Nadikode Nadikode 16
NDW Nadwan Nadwan
NPL Nagalapalle Nagalapalle
NHY Naganahalli Naganahalli
NGS Nagansur Nagansur
NGAN Nagaon Nagaon
NGT Nagappattinam Nagappattinam
NGE Nagar Nagar 2
NUQ Nagar Untari Nagar Untari 12
NGI Nagari Nagari 1
NG Nagari Nagari 1
NRS Nagaria Sadat Nagaria Sadat 4
NGF Nagarnabi Nagarnabi
NSL Nagarsol Nagarsol 10
NRR Nagarur Nagarur 2
NWA Nagarwara Nagarwara
NGO Nagaur Nagaur 17
NAB Nagbhir Junction Nagbhir Junction 4
NAD Nagda Junction Nagda Junction 66
NJT Nager Coil Town Nager Coil Town
NCJ Nagercoil Junction Nagercoil Junction 28
NGHW Nageshwadi Halt Nageshwadi Halt
NGG Nagina Nagina 14
NRDP Nagireddipalli Nagireddipalli 2
NGLT Naglatula Naglatula
NCR Nagore Nagore
NGTN Nagothane Nagothane
NGP Nagpur Nagpur 137
NPRD Nagpur Road Nagpur Road
NHK Naharkatiya Naharkatiya 6
NHLN Naharlagun Naharlagun
NH Naihati Junction Naihati Junction 13
NKI Naikheri Naikheri
NIA Naila Naila 16
NYN Naini Naini 30
NIR Nainpur Junction Nainpur Junction
NBD Najibabad Junction Najibabad Junction 36
NCH Nakachari Nakachari
NKDO Nakkanadoddi Nakkanadoddi
NRO Nakodar Junction Nakodar Junction 2
NAK Naksalbari Naksalbari
NKX Naktisemra Naktisemra
NAL Nal Halt Nal Halt
NX Nal Halt Nal Halt
NLD Nalanda Nalanda 7
NLV Nalbari Nalbari 6
NLDA Nalgonda Nalgonda 18
NHT Nalhati Junction Nalhati Junction 8
NLPD Nallapadu Nallapadu
BVZ Naloi Barwa Naloi Barwa 1
NW Nalwar Nalwar 9
NMKL Namakkal Namakkal
NBR Namburu Namburu 6
NMKA Namkhana Namkhana
NKM Namkon Namkon 8
NLI Namli Namli 2
NAM Namrup Namrup 4
NMT Namtiali Namtiali
NANA Nana Nana 2
NRE Nandalur Nandalur 11
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