The Indian Railway Station List Decoded

Indian Railways boasts of an impressive network of railway lines, which connect the farthest parts of the country together. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Indian Railway station list is not only long, but also rather overwhelming.

Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned traveller or a newbie, you are likely to be confused when it comes to deciding which railway station would be perfect to embark and disembark from a train during your journey. Though the Indian railway's enquiry is always there to help, it can sometimes put you in a fix if you are not well versed with station codes etc.

Realizing this problem, has come up with a simplified station list that not only gives you an idea of the trains between important stations but the details of every train that makes its way through the railway lines of India during any given period. Interesting, isn’t it? So, let us get started with understanding this station list and all that lies within.

Wondering why you would need a station list when you can get the desired information from the railway enquiry? Well, here’s the answer to your query:

  • Busy Enquiry System: There is no doubt that the railway enquiry system is a great way to get a clear picture of the perfect train and the stations. But, with millions of people approaching this system every day, you might end up waiting endlessly for your turn. On the other hand, with an Indian railway station list in tow, you can quickly get an answer to your queries without seeking any help.
  • Identifying the Stations: The Indian railways span the length and breadth of the country. Thus, the number of railway stations in India is far beyond what you can actually imagine. In such a scenario, unless you are planning to make your journey through some really important stations, it might be hard for you to identify the exact trains that pass through the station. However, using a station list you can easily pick the trains that pass through a particular station.
  • Getting the Codes: If you are thinking of booking a train ticket online, you need to be aware of the station code of the starting point as well as your destination. You can easily find all railway station codes in the station list. So, using it will simplify your ticket booking ordeal for sure.
  • Information about Stations and Places: Whether you are an Indian citizen or a tourist from overseas, chances are rife that you are not well versed with every station in India. A station list is not just a tool of online station code enquiry, but it also gives you a sneak peek into various Indian stations and the trains that run to and fro from here. with its station list, which is at par with that of the Indian Railways list, helps you find all details of train numbers and station codes. It has a list of all the trains along with their train number, the starting point, and ending point. If you click on the train name, you will be directed to a page with information on all the railway stations in India through which this train will pass along with the station codes.

You will also get details about the time of arrival and departure from each station along with the distance between two stations and the duration of the journey. Also, on clicking the name of any station on the train list, you will be directed to a page that will give you all the information about the station. You will get an insight on all the trains along with their train numbers that start or pass through this station and the days on which they operate on.

The station list designed by surely simplifies the process of planning a journey, what with all railway station codes and other important details being just a click away. So, the next time you are planning a train journey, make it less of an ordeal with and its list of stations and enjoy a hassle-free time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When will the station list be particularly useful for me?

If you are planning to embark from or disembark on a smaller station, you would need this list to find the details of trains that pass through it.

2. Why will I need the station list?

  • To check the trains that start from a particular station
  • To get an idea of the trains that are headed to a particular station
  • To get the details of all the stations that a train passes through
  • To get the train number of the trains starting/passing through a particular station

3. How can I find the names of the trains that pass through/start/are destined to a particular station?

On the station list designed by click on the name of the station of your choice. You will be redirected to a page where you will find the list of all the trains that start/pass through/end on that station.

4. Where can I find the station code on the station list?

The station code is mentioned in a bracket along with the name of each station on the station list.

5. Can I get the train route of a train from the station list?

Yes, on a station list you will find the name of all the trains that start/pass through/end at a particular station. By clicking on the train name, you can get the route of the train.

List of Indian Railways stations

Station code Station name Location Trains passing through
NED Nanded Nanded 20
NDR Nandesari Nandesari
NDJ Nandganj Nandganj 1
NGN Nandgaon Nandgaon 15
NAN Nandgaon Road Nandgaon Road
NHM Nandol Dehegam Nandol Dehegam
NDE Nandre Nandre 1
NN Nandura Nandura 14
NDB Nandurbar Nandurbar 30
NDL Nandyal Nandyal 6
NLDM Nangal Dam Nangal Dam 3
NNO Nangloi Nangloi 8
NNN Nanguneri Nanguneri 6
NTW Nanjangud Town Nanjangud Town
NNP Nanpara Junction Nanpara Junction 2
NPS Napasar Napasar 8
NRK Naraikkinar Naraikkinar
NRI Naraina Naraina 8
NQR Naraj Marthapur Naraj Marthapur 2
NNGE Narangi Narangi
NRGR Naranjipur Naranjipur 2
NANR Naranpur Naranpur
NS Narasapur Narasapur 3
NRT Narasaraopet Narasaraopet 6
NASP Narasingapalli Narasingapalli
NRYP Narayanapuram Narayanapuram
NRPD Narayanpet Road Narayanpet Road 11
NNR Narayanpur Narayanpur 8
NRPA Naraynpur Anant Naraynpur Anant 2
NDN Nardana Nardana
NUR Narela Narela 14
NOI Nariaoli Nariaoli 2
NKE Narkatiaganj Junction Narkatiaganj Junction 18
NRKR Narkher Narkher 16
NNL Narnaul Narnaul 3
NRD Naroda Naroda
NU Narsinghpur Narsinghpur 40
NRP Narsipatnam Road Narsipatnam Road 14
NSX Narsipuram Halt Narsipuram Halt
NRW Narwana Junction Narwana Junction 20
NRWI Narwasi Narwasi 1
NSO Nashipur Road Nashipur Road
NK Nasik Road Nasik 83
NSD Nasirabad Nasirabad 6
NAS Nasrala Nasrala
NDT Nathdwara Nathdwara
NAT Nathnagar Nathnagar 4
NTZ Nathwana Nathwana
NNA Naugachia Naugachia 23
NUH Naugarh Naugarh
NWP Naupada Junction Naupada Junction 12
NTV Nautanwa Nautanwa
NBM Navabpalem Navabpalem 1
NVRD Navade Road Navade Road
NUD Navagadh Navagadh 4
NWU Navapur Navapur 6
NVT Navipet Navipet
NVS Navsari Navsari 47
NAC Nawa City Nawa City 8
NGB Nawabganj Gonda Nawabganj Gonda
NWD Nawadah Nawadah 2
NVG Nawagaon Nawagaon 1
NWH Nawalgarh Nawalgarh 2
NAWN Nawan Nawan
NAW Nawandgi Nawandgi 3
NPD Nawapara Road Nawapara Road 5
NDAZ Naya Azadpur Naya Azadpur 4
NYK Naya Kharadia Naya Kharadia
NNGL Naya Nangal Naya Nangal 3
NYP Nayadupeta Nayadupeta 17
NYO Nayagaon Nayagaon 6
NYG Nayagarh Nayagarh
NYH Nayandahalli Nayandahalli
NZT Nazareth Nazareth
NAZJ Nazirganj Nazirganj 4
NKD Nekonda Nekonda 10
NLR Nellore Nellore 86
NEP Nenpur Nenpur
NEO Neora Neora
NOR Neora Naddi Neora Naddi 1
NPNR Nepanagar Nepanagar 17
NRL Neral Neral 3
NRG Nergundi Nergundi 2
NOQ New Alipurdaur New Alipurdaur 45
NAVI New Amravat New Amravat
NBPH New Balarampur New Balarampur
NBQ New Bongaigaon New Bongaigaon 54
NCB New Cooch Behar New Cooch Behar 52
NDLS New Delhi New Delhi 197
NFK New Farakka Junction New Farakka Junction 38
NGNT New Guntur New Guntur 6
NHLG New Haflong New Haflong
NHGJ New Harangajao New Harangajao
NJP New Jalpaiguri New Jalpaiguri 73
NKJ New Katni Junction New Katni Junction
NMZ New Mal Junction New Mal Junction 10
NMX New Maynaguri New Maynaguri 4
NMM New Misamari New Misamari 2
NMDA New Morinda New Morinda
NTSK New Tinsukia Junction New Tinsukia Junction 2
NYY Neyyattinkara Neyyattinkara 8
NBP Nibhapur Nibhapur 2
NDD Nidadavolu Junction Nidadavolu Junction 32
NMJ Nidamangalam Nidamangalam
NDNI Nidhani Nidhani
NDZ Nidigallu Nidigallu 1
NDO Nidubrolu Nidubrolu 24
NIQ Nigaura Nigaura 4
NHN Nigohan Nigohan 10
NHH Nihalgarh Nihalgarh 20
NILD Nilaje Nilaje
JNRD Nilaje Nilaje
NIIJ Nilaje Nilaje
NKW Nilakantheswar Nilakantheswar
NIL Nilambur Road Nilambur Road
NLE Nileshwar Nileshwar 15
NLKR Nilokheri Nilokheri 2
NMK Nim Ka Thana Nim Ka Thana 3
NMH Nimach Nimach 8
NKR Nimar Kheri Nimar Kheri
NBH Nimbahera Nimbahera 6
NBL Nimbal Nimbal
NB Nimbhora Nimbhora 2
NIM Nimdih Nimdih
NMP Nimpura Nimpura
NILE Nimtita Nimtita 8
NDH Nindhar Benar Nindhar Benar 1
NGA Ningala Junction Ningala Junction
NPW Nipani Vadgaon Nipani Vadgaon 1
NPI Nipania Nipania
NR Niphad Niphad 10
NIRA Nira Nira 7
NKP Nirakarpur Nirakarpur 8
NSU Nisui Nisui 2
NEW Nivari Nivari 8
NIV Nivasar Nivasar
NWR Niwar Niwar 2
NWB Niwas Road Niwas Road
NOL Niyol Niyol
NZB Nizamabad Nizamabad 12
NIP Nizampur Nizampur 1
NMGT Nmg Tamdalge Nmg Tamdalge
NRX Noadar Dhal Noadar Dhal
NOMD Noamundi Noamundi 2
NHR Nohar Nohar 3
NOK Nokha Nokha 17
NKRA Nokhra Nokhra
NMD Nomoda Nomoda
NNE Nonera Nonera
NRLR Norla Road Norla Road 15
NLP North Lakhimpur North Lakhimpur 2
NOA Nosaria Nosaria 1
NRZB Nowrozabad Nowrozabad 6
NNW Nrynpur Tatwar Nrynpur Tatwar 1
NUA Nua Nua 2
NXN Nuagaon Nuagaon 4
NDPU Nudurupadu Nudurupadu
NUJ Nujella Nujella 2
NMGY Numaligarh Numaligarh
NRA Nunkhar Nunkhar 2
NRM Nurmahal Nurmahal 2
NZD Nuzvid Nuzvid 5
ODG Obaidulla Ganj Obaidulla Ganj 7
OBR Obra Dam Obra Dam 10
OBVP Obulavaripalli Obulavaripalli 5
ODC Oddam Hatram Oddam Hatram
ORH Oddarahalli Oddarahalli
OEA Odela Odela 2
ODHA Odha Odha 3
OKHA Okha Okha 16
OKA Okhla New Delhi 8
OMLF Old Malda Old Malda 1
OML Omalur Omalur
OM Omkareshwar Rd Omkareshwar Rd
ODM Ondagram Ondagram 2
OGL Ongole Ongole 92
ORAI Orai Orai 26
ORGA Orga Orga 2
ORR Orr Orr
OSN Osiyan Osiyan 4
OTP Ottappalam Ottappalam 34
PAI Pabai Pabai
PCH Pachhapur Pachhapur 2
PFR Pachor Road Pachor Road 4
PC Pachora Junction Pachora 19
PNWN Pachwan Pachwan
PDH Padadhari Padadhari 4
PDF Padampur Padampur
PDGN Padhegaon Padhegaon 1
PDQ Padla Padla
PDNR Padnur Padnur
POU Padrauna Padrauna
PNJ Padriganj Padriganj
PDP Padse Padse
PFU Padua Padua 1
PDD Padubidri Padubidri 2
PGU Padugupadu Padugupadu 1
PGA Pagara Pagara
PCX Pagla Chandi Pagla Chandi
PRE Pahara Pahara 2
PRP Paharpur Paharpur 10
PRSR Paharsar Paharsar
PAK Pakala Junction Pakala Junction 6
PKRD Pakara Road Pakara Road
PKK Pakki Pakki
PK Pakni Pakni
PKR Pakur Pakur 32
PCLI Palachauri Palachauri
PALM Palaiyam Palaiyam 1
PGT Palakkad Palakkad 70
PCV Palakkodu Palakkodu 2
PKO Palakollu Palakollu 3
PM Palam New Delhi 7
PAE Palana Palana
PLNI Palani Palani
PNU Palanpur Junction Palanpur 40
PUE Palari Palari
PSA Palasa Palasa 48
PLD Paldhi Paldhi
PLJ Palej Palej 9
PLG Palghar Mumbai 20
PGTN Palghat Town Palghat Town 2
PAIL Pali A Pali A
PMY Pali Marwar Pali 16
PLA Palia Palia
PLK Palia Kalan Palia Kalan 2
PBV Paliba Paliba 1
POA Palikona Palikona
PIT Palitana Palitana
PKP Pallikere Pallikere 3
PYD Palliyadi Palliyadi 1
PLSN Palsana Palsana 1
PSO Palsora Makrawa Palsora Makrawa
PWL Palwal Palwal 19
PMN Paman Paman 2
PBM Pamban Junction Pamban Junction
PMD Pamidi Pamidi
PMPE Pampore Pampore
PAN Panagarh Panagarh 22
PAM Panapakam Panapakam
PNB Panbari Panbari
PCN Panch Pipila Panch Pipila 2
PNGM Panchgram Panchgram 4
PCR Panchra Panchra
PAW Pandabeswar Pandabeswar 4
PDW Pandaul Pandaul
PANP Pandavapura Pandavapura 6
PVR Pandharpur Pandharpur
PAR Pandhurna Pandhurna 48
PMO Pandoli Pandoli
PLM Paneli Moti Paneli Moti
PNF Pangaon Pangaon 2
PJR Pangri Pangri
PNYA Paniahwa Paniahwa 4
PJB Paniajob Paniajob
PHI Panikhaiti Panikhaiti
PNP Panipat Junction Panipat 56
PASG Panisagar Panisagar
PJGM Panjgam Panjgam
PNK Panki Kanpur 4
PAO Panoli Panoli 5
PNPL Panpali Panpali
PPO Panposh Panposh 2
PRT Panruti Panruti
PN Pansar Pansar
PKU Panskura Panskura 6
PBW Pantnagar Pantnagar 4
PNVL Panvel Mumbai 28
PNM Panyam Panyam
PML Papanasam Papanasam
PKL Papinayaknahali Papinayaknahali
PDG Paradgaon Paradgaon
PRDP Paradip Paradip
PRDL Paradol Paradol 2
PSK Paradsinga Halt Paradsinga Halt
PRY Paraiya Paraiya
PMK Paramakkudi Paramakkudi 2
PS Paras Paras 2
PASA Parashshala Parashshala 2
PUX Parasia Parasia 1
PNME Parasnath Parasnath 36
PVU Paravur Paravur 14
PRB Parbati Parbati 4
PBN Parbhani Junction Parbhani Junction 22
PAD Pardi Pardi 4
PRWD Parewadi Parewadi
PIH Parhihara Parhihara 1
PSL Parisal Parisal
PRLI Parli Vaijnath Parli Vaijnath 8
PMU Parmanandpur Parmanandpur 1
PGI Parpanangadi Parpanangadi 24
PRBZ Parsa Bazar Parsa Bazar
PKRA Parsa Khera Parsa Khera
PSB Parsabad Parsabad 6
PRF Parsipur Parsipur 8
PSV Parsneu Parsneu
PSD Parsoda Parsoda 2
PSLI Parsoli Parsoli
PBH Partapgarh Junction Partapgarh Junction 22
PTU Partur Partur 10
PVP Parvatipuram Parvatipuram 12
PVPT Parvatipuram Tn Parvatipuram Tn 18
PSDA Pasivedala Pasivedala 1
PSR Pasraha Pasraha 4
PLU Patakottacheru Patakottacheru
PTP Patal Pani Patal Pani
PTS Patansaongi Patansaongi
PTRE Patara Patara 2
PAA Patas Patas
PTRD Pataudi Road Pataudi Road 11
PU Patchur Patchur
PTK Pathankot Pathankot 22
PTKC Pathankot Cantt Pathankot Cantt
PBQ Pathardih Bazar Pathardih Bazar 2
PEH Pathardih Junction Pathardih Junction
PHA Patharia Patharia 17
PTKD Patharkandi Patharkandi
PKB Patharkhola S Patharkhola S
PTLI Pathauli Pathauli
PARD Pathrad Pathrad
PTRL Pathrala Pathrala
PRI Pathri Pathri 2
PBL Pathsala Pathsala
PTA Patiala Patiala 13
PPTA Patliputra Patliputra
PNBE Patna Junction Patna 139
PNC Patna Saheb Patna 56
PTH Patranga Patranga 3
PTRU Patratu Patratu 13
PTZ Patsul Patsul
PTB Pattambi Pattambi 20
PKQ Pattikkad Pattikkad
PTWA Patwara Patwara
PCM Pavurchutram Pavurchutram
PQE Pawapuri Road Pawapuri Road 7
POE Pawapuri Road H Pawapuri Road H
PDR Payagpur Payagpur 2
PAZ Payangadi Payangadi 14
PDX Payradanga Payradanga
PAY Payyanur Payyanur 28
PYOL Payyoli Payyoli
PBD Pedabramadvam Pedabramadvam 1
PAV Pedana Pedana 4
PDKM Pedanyknpalayam Pedanyknpalayam
PAVP Pedda Avutapale Pedda Avutapale 1
PKPU Peddakurapadu Peddakurapadu
PDPL Peddapalli Peddapalli 11
PVD Peddavadiapudi Peddavadiapudi 3
PPZ Peddempet Peddempet 2
PBP Pembarti Pembarti 2
PEN Pen Pen
PEC Pencharthal Pencharthal
PDL Pendekallu Pendekallu 6
PND Pendra Road Pendra Road 21
PDT Pendurti Pendurti 2
PNDM Pennadam Pennadam 1
PKD Penukonda Penukonda 9
PUMU Penumarru Penumarru
PJ Peppeganj Peppeganj
PEM Peralam Jn Peralam Jn
PER Perambur Perambur 29
PRCA Perecherla Perecherla
PG Pergaon Pergaon
PERN Pernem Pernem 6
PGZ Perunguzhi Perunguzhi
PLI Pettaivayatalai Pettaivayatalai 1
PGDP Pgdp Pgdp
PGW Phagwara Junction Phagwara Junction 59
PLC Phalodi Phalodi 8
PLCJ Phalodi Junction Phalodi Junction
PUD Phanda Phanda
PFM Phaphamau Junction Phaphamau Junction 18
PHD Phaphund Phaphund 22
PEP Phephna Junction Phephna Junction 3
PES Phesar Phesar 2
PDJ Phiding Phiding 2
PHR Phillaur Junction Phillaur Junction 33
PPM Phirangipuram Phirangipuram 4
FL Phulera Junction Phulera Junction 28
FLR Phuleswar Phuleswar
PLP Phulpur Phulpur 12
PWS Phulwari Sharif Patna 12
PLJE Phulwartanr Phulwartanr 6
PUS Phusro Phusro 3
PBA Piardoba Piardoba
PCQ Pichkurirdhal Pichkurirdhal
PGRL Piduguralla Piduguralla 14
PLMD Pilamedu Pilamedu 2
PIL Piler Piler
PGK Pili Bangan Pili Bangan 8
PBE Pilibhit Junction Pilibhit Junction 7
PDZ Pilioda Pilioda
PKW Pilkhua Pilkhua 18
PMKT Pimpalkhuti Pimpalkhuti
PMP Pimpri Pune 4
PQL Pindlai Pindlai 2
PDRD Pindra Road Pindra Road 2
PDE Pindrai Pindrai
PLW Pingleshwar Pingleshwar
PIZ Pingli Pingli
PLS Pipalsana Pipalsana 1
PPR Pipar Road Junction Pipar Road Junction 3
PED Pipardahi Pipardahi
PPI Pipariya Pipariya 53
POF Piparsand Piparsand 2
PQA Pipla Halt Pipla Halt
PPF Piplaj Piplaj
PIP Piplia Piplia 2
PPD Piplod Junction Piplod Junction 4
PPG Piploda Bagla Piploda Bagla
PPA Pipra Pipra 2
PPC Pipraich Pipraich 6
PIA Pipraigaon Pipraigaon 4
PFL Piprala Piprala
PPH Pipri Dih Pipri Dih
PUO Pir Umrod Pir Umrod
PVRD Piravam Road Piravam Road 12
PRDH Pirdulesha Halt Pirdulesha Halt
PPT Pirpainti Pirpainti 16
PRTL Pirtala Pirtala
PHV Pirthiganj Pirthiganj 1
PRM Pirumadara Pirumadara 1
PW Pirwa Pirwa 1
PMR Pitambarpur Pitambarpur 14
PAP Pithapuram Pithapuram 16
PLY Plassey Plassey 2
PBKS Pmbakvl Shandy Pmbakvl Shandy 2
PCZ Pocharam Pocharam 1
PTJ Podanur Junction Coimbatore 17
PKNS Pokharni Nrsnha Pokharni Nrsnha
PHN Pokhrayan Pokhrayan 8
PKF Pokla Pokla 2
POK Pokran Pokran 4
PRL Polur Polur
PDU Ponduru Ponduru 4
GOC Ponmlai Gld Rck Ponmlai Gld Rck 3
PPJ Pophlaj Pophlaj
PBR Porbandar Porbandar 10
PRNR Porjanpur Porjanpur
PST Posotia Posotia
PFT Pothahi Pothahi
POT Pothia Pothia
PTKP Potkapalli Potkapalli 2
POO Potlapadu Potlapadu
POZ Potul Potul 2
PRKD Powerkheda Powerkheda
PRH Powerpet Powerpet 3
PKA Pradhankhunta Pradhankhunta 2
PRJ Prantij Prantij
PNE Prantik Prantik 8
PSPY Prasannayanapal Prasannayanapal
PTPU Prattiapadu Prattiapadu 1
PRG Prayag Prayag 22
PRPT Prshtampatnam Prshtampatnam 1
PSX Ptnsngi Twn Hlt Ptnsngi Twn Hlt
PDY Puducherry Puducherry 2
PUK Pudukad Pudukad 4
PDKT Pudukkottai Pudukkottai
PGR Pugalur Pugalur 8
PRV Pukkirivari Pukkirivari
PLO Pulgaon Junction Pulgaon Junction 16
PUA Pulla Pulla 1
PMT Pullampet Pullampet 5
PUU Punalur Punalur
PHK Punarakh Punarakh 7
PNW Pundhag Pundhag 7
PUN Pundi Pundi 2
PDA Pundooah Pundooah
PUNE Pune Junction Pune 109
PNQ Punkunnam Punkunnam 4
PPN Punpun Punpun 5
PNSA Punsia Punsia 2
PB Puntamba Puntamba 5
PNI Puraini Puraini
PP Puranpur Puranpur 6
PSAE Purbasthali Purbasthali
PURI Puri Puri 35
PAU Purna Junction Purna Junction 18
PRNA Purnia Junction Purnia Junction
PRKE Purua Khera Purua Khera 2
PRR Purulia Junction Purulia Junction 22
PSE Pusauli Pusauli
PUSA Pusla Pusla
PTT Putalapattu Putalapattu
PCU Putlacheruvu Putlacheruvu
PUT Puttur Puttur 11
PQN Pwn Klaknder Road Pwn Klaknder Road 11
QLD Quilandi Quilandi 22
RCG Rachagunnari Rachagunnari
RDF Radhagaon Radhagaon 1
RQP Radhakishorepur Radhakishorepur
RDHP Radhanpur Radhanpur 2
RDP Radhikapur Radhikapur 1
RBL Rae Bareli Junction Rae Bareli Junction 31
RFJ Rafiganj Rafiganj 17
RGU Ragaul Ragaul 4
RGPM Raghavapuram Raghavapuram 2
RGP Raghunathpalli Raghunathpalli 4
RPR Raghunathpur Raghunathpur 12
RCTC Raghunathpur Raghunathpur
RRS Raghuraj Singh Raghuraj Singh
RHMA Rahama Rahama
RNBT Rahenbata Rahenbata 1
RBD Rahimabad Rahimabad 3
RMP Rahimatpur Rahimatpur 5
RRI Rahuri Rahuri 3
RSNR Rai Singh Nagar Rai Singh Nagar
RC Raichur Raichur 37
RGQ Raigadh Road Raigadh Road
RGJ Raiganj Raiganj 2
RIG Raigarh Raigarh 25
RAG Raigir Raigir 2
RKB Raika Bagh Raika Bagh 9
MTPR Raimehatpur Raimehatpur 3
R Raipur Junction Raipur Junction 71
RAIR Rairakhol Rairakhol 15
RSI Raisi Raisi 3
RWL Raiwala Raiwala 12
GP Raj Gangpur Raj Gangpur 17
RJN Raj Nandgaon Raj Nandgaon 41
RJK Raja Ka Sahaspr Raja Ka Sahaspr 12
RKM Raja Ki Mandi Raja Ki Mandi 49
RJB Rajabera Rajabera 2
RJR Rajaldesar Rajaldesar 8
RJY Rajamundry Rajamundry 84
RJA Rajanagar Rajanagar
RNN Rajankunti Rajankunti
RJPM Rajapalayam Rajapalayam 2
RAJP Rajapur Road Rajapur 4
RJI Rajawari Rajawari
RCD Rajchandrapur Rajchandrapur
RJO Rajendra Pul Rajendra Pul 2
RJQ Rajendranagar Rajendranagar
RHG Rajgarh Rajgarh 12
RG Rajghat Narora Rajghat Narora 2
RGD Rajgir Rajgir 7
RJG Rajgram Rajgram 5
RJS Rajiyasar Rajiyasar
RKSN Rajkharsawan Junction Rajkharsawan Junction 10
RKZ Rajkiawas Rajkiawas
RJT Rajkot Junction Rajkot Junction 40
RM Rajmane Rajmane 1
RPJ Rajpura Junction Rajpura Junction 48
RJU Rajula City Rajula City
RLA Rajula Junction Rajula Junction
RHE Rakha Mines Rakha Mines 6
RKH Rakhiyal Rakhiyal
RMC Ram Chaura Road Ram Chaura Road 9
RMJK Ram Nagar J K Ram Nagar J K 2
RMO Ramakona Ramakona
RMN Raman Raman 2
RMGM Ramanagaram Ramanagaram 6
RMD Ramanathapuram Ramanathapuram 2
RMNP Ramannapet Ramannapet 4
RRJ Ramaraju Palli Ramaraju Palli
RBA Rambha Rambha 4
RBZ Rambhaddarpur Rambhaddarpur 2
RDRA Ramdevra Ramdevra 8
RMM Rameswaram Rameswaram 2
RGB Ramganga Ramganga
RMA Ramganj Mandi Ramganj Mandi 23
RMT Ramgarh Cant Ramgarh Cant 9
RGH Ramgarhwa Ramgarhwa 4
RGI Ramgiri Ramgiri
RDM Ramgundam Ramgundam 50
RKL Ramkola Ramkola
RMF Ramna Ramna 1
RMR Ramnagar Ramnagar 2
RMRB Ramnagar Bengal Ramnagar Bengal 2
RMU Rampur Rampur 46
RMPB Rampur Bazar Rampur Bazar 1
RDUM Rampur Dumra Rampur Dumra 3
RPH Rampur Hat Rampur Hat 46
RMB Rampura Beri Rampura Beri
PUL Rampura Phul Rampura Phul 11
RSG Ramsagar Ramsagar
RHA Ranaghat Junction Ranaghat Junction 2
RNL Ranala Ranala
RPZ Ranapratapnagar Ranapratapnagar 7
RWO Ranavav Ranavav 2
RNC Ranchi Ranchi 40
RRME Ranchi Road Ranchi Road 3
RNGG Rangaliting Rangaliting
RPAN Rangapara North Rangapara North 2
RGM Rangapuram Rangapuram
RNY Rangiya Junction Rangiya Junction 42
RMH Rangmahal Rangmahal
RTG Rangtong Rangtong 2
RANI Rani Rani 10
RNR Ranibennur Ranibennur 26
RNG Raniganj Raniganj 41
RNV Raniwara Raniwara
RNJD Ranjangaon Road Ranjangaon Road 1
RNE Ranjani Ranjani
RNO Ranoli Ranoli
RNIS Ranolishishu Ranolishishu 1
RUR Ranpur Ranpur 2
RNT Ranthambhore Ranthambhore
RCJ Ranyal Jasmiya Ranyal Jasmiya
RTI Raoti Raoti 1
RSYI Rasayani Rasayani
RASP Rasipuram Rasipuram
RSR Rasra Rasra 8
RUB Rasulabad Rasulabad 2
RYS Rasuriya Rasuriya 2
RSH Ratan Shahr Ratan Shahr 2
RTGH Ratangarh Junction Ratangarh Junction 10
RXW Ratangarh West Ratangarh West 1
RPUR Ratanpur Ratanpur 4
RTP Ratanpura Ratanpura 2
RDDE Rathdhana Rathdhana 1
RTM Ratlam Junction Ratlam 69
RN Ratnagiri Ratnagiri 26
RNU Ratnapur Ratnapur
RAU Rau Rau
RUL Rauli Rauli 2
RPK Ravalpali Kalan Ravalpali Kalan
RV Raver Raver 9
RVD Ravikampadu Ravikampadu
RVKH Ravindrakhani Ravindrakhani 2
RDT Ravtha Road Ravtha Road
RWJ Rawania Dungar Rawania Dungar
RXL Raxual Junction Raxual Junction 6
RAY Ray Ray 4
RAYA Raya Raya 1
RDG Rayadrug Rayadrug
RGDA Rayagada Rayagada 23
RLO Rayalcheruvu Rayalcheruvu 2
RYP Rayanapad Rayanapad 2
RBG Raybag Raybag 9
RJP Razampeta Razampeta 20
RECH Rechni Road Rechni Road 4
REG Regupalem Regupalem
REJ Rejinagar Rejinagar
REN Ren Ren
RGL Rengali Rengali 9
RU Renigunta Junction Renigunta Junction 67
RNQ Renukut Renukut 14
RNW Renwal Renwal 1
ROI Reoti Reoti 2
RBK Reoti B Khera Reoti B Khera 2
RAL Repalle Repalle
RAKL Rethorakalan Rethorakalan
REWA Rewa Rewa 4
RE Rewari Rewari 40
RRL Rewral Rewral
RDD Rikhabdev Road Rikhabdev Road
RGS Ringas Junction Ringas Junction 9
RSA Risama Risama
RKSH Rishikesh Rishikesh 2
RS Risia Risia 2
REI Rithi Rithi 4
RJPB Rjndr Ngr Bihar Patna 59
RSWT Rmgrh Shekhwati Rmgrh Shekhwati 3
RKO Rmkrshnaprm Gte Rmkrshnaprm Gte
RQJ Rningr Jlpaigri Rningr Jlpaigri 5
RBGJ Roberts Ganj Roberts Ganj 10
ROB Robertson Robertson
ROHA Roha Roha 3
RT Rohat Rohat
ROK Rohtak Junction Rohtak Junction 27
RK Roorkee Roorkee 54
RHN Roshanpur Roshanpur 1
RGO Rotegaon Rotegaon 10
ROU Rourkela Rourkela 38
RWH Rowriah Sdg Rowriah Sdg
RWTB Rowta Bagan Rowta Bagan 2
RPM Royapuram Royapuram
ROZA Roza Junction Roza Junction 16
RDL Rudauli Rudauli 21
RUPC Rudrapur City Rudrapur City 8
RKD Rukadi Rukadi 9
RMY Rukmapur Rukmapur
RUI Rukni Rukni
RNH Runkhera Runkhera 1
RUSD Runni Saidpur Runni Saidpur
RUM Rupamau Rupamau 3
RPD Rupaund Rupaund 4
RBS Rupbas Rupbas 4
RPAR Rupnagar Rupnagar 3
RNPR Rupnarayanpur Rupnarayanpur 4
RPRD Rupra Road Rupra Road 15
ROP Rupsa Junction Rupsa Junction 5
RURA Rura Rura 9
ROA Rusera Ghat Rusera Ghat
RTA Ruthiyai Ruthiyai 14
SBV S Bhakhtiyarpur S Bhakhtiyarpur 8
SKAP S K Para S K Para
SNC S Narayan Chpla S Narayan Chpla
SVPM S Venkteswrpalm S Venkteswrpalm 1
SBI Sabarmati Junction Sabarmati Junction 10
SBT Sabarmati Junction Sabarmati Junction
SBO Sabaur Sabaur 6
SCH Sachin Sachin 4
DSB Sadar Bazar New Delhi 1
SSPD Sadashivapet Road Sadashivapet Road
SDT Sadat Sadat 2
SDE Sadisopur Sadisopur 5
SDLP Sadulpur Junction Sadulpur Junction 11
SDS Sadulshahr Sadulshahr 2
SDUA Sadura Sadura
SGJ Safdarganj Safdarganj 4
SFH Safedabad Safedabad 1
SFX Safilguda Safilguda
SGDP Sagadapata Sagadapata
SRF Sagar Jambagaru Sagar Jambagaru
SDI Sagardighi Sagardighi 1
SGL Sagauli Junction Sagauli Junction 22
SAO Sagoni Sagoni 2
SRE Saharanpur Saharanpur 68
SHC Saharsa Junction Saharsa Junction 10
SHSK Saharsrakund Saharsrakund 1
STW Sahatwar Sahatwar 9
SAHL Saheli Saheli
SBB Sahibabad Sahibabad 18
SBG Sahibganj Junction Sahibganj Junction 20
SKJ Sahibpur Kml Junction Sahibpur Kml Junction 4
SASN Sahibzada Asngr Sahibzada Asngr
SWA Sahjanwa Sahjanwa 9
SSPN Sai P Nilayam Sai P Nilayam 12
SADP Saidapur Saidapur
SYJ Saidraja Saidraja 7
SHRD Saij Sertha Road Saij Sertha Road
SNSI Sainagar Shirdi Sainagar Shirdi
SFC Saintala Saintala 6
SNT Sainthia Sainthia 26
SYWN Saiyid Sarawan Saiyid Sarawan 1
SLD Sakaldiha Sakaldiha 4
SIL Sakhi Gopal Sakhi Gopal 26
SKF Sakhoti Tanda Sakhoti Tanda 4
SKR Sakhpur Sakhpur 2
SK Sakhun Sakhun
SKLR Sakleshpur Sakleshpur
SKI Sakri Junction Sakri Junction 2
SLJ Sakrigali Junction Sakrigali Junction 1
SKGH Saktesgarh Saktesgarh 5
SKT Sakti Sakti 14
SQQ Salagaon Salagaon
SYA Salaia Salaia 4
SMT Salamatpur Salamatpur 4
SLS Salanpur Salanpur
SALE Salar Salar 8
SLNA Salauna Salauna
SZ Salawas Salawas
SLB Salboni Salboni 4
SCA Salchapra Salchapra 2
SKS Salekasa Salekasa 5
SA Salem Junction Salem 94
SXT Salem Town Salem Town
SJSM Salemgarhmasani Salemgarhmasani 1
SRU Salempur Junction Salempur Junction 11
SALI Sali Sali
SCKR Salichauka Road Salichauka Road 4
SLKR Salkaroad Salkaroad 4
SRI Salmari Salmari
SLR Salogra Salogra 4
SYL Salpura Salpura
SAL Salwa Salwa
SIO Samakhiali Samakhiali 3
SIOB Samakhiali B G Samakhiali B G 11
SMK Samalkha Samalkha 7
SLO Samalkot Junction Samalkot Junction 54
SLY Samalpatti Samalpatti 2
SQE Samarala Halt Samarala Halt
SPJ Samastipur Junction Samastipur 61
SMSR Samaswara Samaswara
SMBX Samba Samba 21
SBP Sambalpur Sambalpur 31
SBPY Sambalpur City Sambalpur City
SBPD Sambalpur Road Sambalpur Road 23
SBR Sambhar Lake Sambhar Lake 7
SMR Samdhari Junction Samdhari Junction 7
SMLA Samlaya Junction Samlaya Junction 4
SMC Samnapur Samnapur
SPZ Sampla Sampla 15
SM Samsi Samsi 10
SMAE Samudragarh Samudragarh
SMTA Samuktala Road Samuktala Road
SNL Sanahwal Sanahwal 4
SAU Sanand Sanand 6
SNF Sanat Nagar Sanat Nagar 5
SWD Sanawad Sanawad
SCI Sanchi Sanchi 7
SAN Sandila Sandila 21
SNX Saneh Road Saneh Road 2
SNGR Sanganapur Sanganapur
SNGN Sanganer Sanganer
SGRA Sangaria Sangaria 8
SGF Sangat Sangat 4
SLI Sangli Sangli 32
SGR Sangmeshwar Sangmeshwar 4
SGLA Sangola Sangola
SAG Sangrur Sangrur 8
SAC Sanichara Sanichara 2
SNJL Sanjali Sanjali
SJN Sanjan Sanjan 4
SANK Sank Sank 1
SNKR Sanka Sanka
SNKL Sankarankovil Sankarankovil 2
SGE Sankaridrug Sankaridrug 6
SNQ Sankarpur Sankarpur
SXP Sankopara Sankopara
SOA Sanosra Sanosra
SNRR Sansarpur Sansarpur 1
SAT Sant Road Sant Road 4
SNTD Santaldih Santaldih 2
SNLR Santalpur Santalpur 1
SAB Santamagulur Santamagulur
SRC Santragachi Junction Santragachi Junction 33
SNVR Sanvatsar Sanvatsar 1
SVM Sanverdam Chuch Sanverdam Chuch 10
SVO Sanvrad Sanvrad 1
SONR Saoner Junction Saoner Junction
SZH Saonga Halt Saonga Halt
SPX Sapatgram Sapatgram
SAPE Sape Wamne Sape Wamne
SPK Sapekhati Sapekhati 2
SAH Saphale Saphale 4
SDH Saradhna Saradhna
SRBA Saragbundia Saragbundia 1
SGV Saragchni Saragchni
SAI Sarai Sarai 2
SYC Sarai Chandi Sarai Chandi 4
SQN Sarai Kansrai Sarai Kansrai 5
SMZ Sarai Mir Sarai Mir 10
SFW Sarangpur Sarangpur 4
SRWN Saraswatinagar Saraswatinagar
SBRA Sarbahara Sarbahara 2
SDGM Sardargram Sardargram 2
SANR Sardarnagar Sardarnagar 1
SRDR Sardarshahr Sardarshahr 1
SUA Sardiha Sardiha 2
SGAM Sareigram Sareigram 2
SSR Sareri Sareri 2
SIQ Sarkoni Sarkoni 2
SRNT Sarnath Sarnath 3
SRL Sarola Sarola 1
SZB Sarona Sarona
SZA Sarotra Road Sarotra Road
SZR Sarupathar Sarupathar 4
SRPR Sarupsar Jn Sarupsar Jn
SVD Sarwari Sarwari
SSM Sasaram Sasaram 42
SNS Sasni Sasni
SSN Sason Sason
STKT Sasthankotta Sasthankotta 4
STR Satara Satara 32
STJT Sathajagat Sathajagat 1
SAHI Sathi Sathi 2
SAA Sathiaon Sathiaon 6
SWF Sathin Road Sathin Road
STA Satna Satna 83
STNL Satnali Satnali 3
STD Satrod Satrod
SAP Sattenapalle Sattenapalle 16
STUR Satulur Satulur
SCO Satuna Satuna
SRT Satur Satur 20
SGO Saugor Saugor 26
SNH Saunshi Saunshi
SASR Sausar Sausar
SYM Savalyapuram Savalyapuram
SVNR Savanur Savanur
SVX Savarda Savarda
SVKD Savarkundla Savarkundla
SAV Savda Savda 2
SWM Sawai Madhopur Sawai Madhopur 68
SVG Sawalgi Sawalgi
SWV Sawantwadi Road Sawantwadi Road 8
SYN Sayan Sayan 4
SBBJ Sbb Jogulamba H Sbb Jogulamba H
SBW Sbewbabudih Sbewbabudih
SDAH Sealdah Kolkata 36
SC Secunderabad Junction Hyderabad 92
SEH Sehore Sehore 16
SELU Selu Selu 10
SMO Semapur Semapur 6
SES Semari Semari
SRKI Semarkheri Semarkheri
SCE Senchoa Jn Senchoa Jn
SEU Sendra Sendra 4
SCT Sengottai Sengottai
SEO Seohara Seohara 12
SEY Seoni Seoni
SHE Seoraphuli Seoraphuli 8
SEM Seram Seram 13
SRP Serampore Serampore 8
SET Settihally Settihally
SEGM Sevagram Sevagram 53
SWPR Sewapuri Sewapuri 8
SDNR Seydunganallur Seydunganallur
SHDR Shadhoragaon Shadhoragaon
SHNR Shadnagar Shadnagar 8
SDB Shahabad Shahabad 20
SHDM Shahbad Marknda Shahbad Marknda 12
SDL Shahdol Shahdol 17
SHG Shahganj Junction Shahganj Junction 32
SZP Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur
SPN Shahjehanpur Shahjehanpur 77
SPP Shahpur Patoree Shahpur Patoree 9
SAR Shahzad Nagar Shahzad Nagar
STSN Shaitansinghngr Shaitansinghngr 1
SFY Shajapur Shajapur 12
SKTN Shakti Nagar Shakti Nagar 2
SSB Shakurbasti New Delhi 25
SHLT Shalashah Thana Shalashah Thana
SHM Shalimar Shalimar 7
SCQ Sham Chaurasi Sham Chaurasi
SMP Shambhupura Shambhupura
SGZ Shamgarh Shamgarh 25
SJS Shamlaji Road Shamlaji Road
SMQL Shamli Shamli
SRJ Shankargarh Shankargarh 16
SKP Shankarpalli Shankarpalli 7
SAS Shdspra Padmpra Shdspra Padmpra
SED Shedbal Shedbal 2
SEG Shegaon Shegaon 23
SHK Sheikpura Sheikpura 2
SLGH Shelgoan H Shelgoan H
SEI Shendri Shendri
SHNX Sheo Singh Pura Sheo Singh Pura
SPDR Sheoprasadnager Sheoprasadnager
SRKN Sherekan Sherekan 1
SRTL Shertalai Shertalai 25
SKY Shikara Shikara
SKB Shikohabad Junction Shikohabad Junction 34
SMLG Shimiliaguda Shimiliaguda 1
SME Shimoga Shimoga 2
SMET Shimoga Town Shimoga Town 2
SIW Shirravde Shirravde 1
SHF Shirud Shirud 1
SOP Shiupur Shiupur 2
CSB Shivaji Bridge Shivaji Bridge 2
SLPM Shivalingapuram Shivalingapuram 1
SVRP Shivanarayanpur Shivanarayanpur 6
SHV Shivani Shivani
WSC Shivarampur Shivarampur 1
SHNG Shivnagar Shivnagar 2
SVT Shivpura Shivpura
SVPI Shivpuri Shivpuri 4
SWC Shivrampur Shivrampur 1
SVDK Shmata V D Ktra Shmata V D Ktra
SGS Shoghi Shoghi 3
SDN Sholavandan Sholavandan 5
SHU Sholinghur Sholinghur 5
SRR Shoranur Junction Shoranur Junction 61
SIM Shri Amirgadh Shri Amirgadh 1
SBLJ Shri Balaji Shri Balaji
SBHN Shri Bhavnath Shri Bhavnath
SGNR Shri Ganganagar Ganganagar 11
SRW Shri Karanpur Shri Karanpur
SMPR Shri Madhopur Shri Madhopur 2
SMBJ Shri Mahabirji Shri Mahabirji 18
SBLT Shribdrya Lathi Shribdrya Lathi 8
SRID Shridham Shridham 21
SGND Shrigonda Road Shrigonda Road 1
SAGR Shrirajnagar Shrirajnagar 2
S Shrirangapatna Shrirangapatna 6
SUP Shrungavarpukta Shrungavarpukta 1
SJT Shujaatpur Shujaatpur 3
SJP Shujalpur Shujalpur 32
SNR Shyamnagar Shyamnagar
SMPA Shyampuri Shyampuri
SRTN Sibsagar Town Sibsagar Town
SID Siddhpur Siddhpur 8
SD Sidhauli Sidhauli 2
SDMK Sidmukh Sidmukh 3
SGDM Sigadam Sigadam 2
SIPR Sihapar Sihapar 1
SIHO Siho Siho 2
SOJN Sihor Gujarat Sihor Gujarat 2
SHR Sihora Road Sihora Road 20
SKQ Sikandarpur Sikandarpur
SKA Sikandra Rao Sikandra Rao 6
SIKR Sikar Junction Sikar Junction 6
SKPI Sikarpai Sikarpai
SZY Silak Jhori Silak Jhori 2
SILO Silao Silao 3
SPTR Silapathar Silapathar 1
SLT Silaut Silaut 2
SCL Silchar Silchar 4
SHTT Silghat Town Silghat Town
SLH Siliari Siliari
SGUD Siliguri Siliguri
SGUJ Siliguri Junction Siliguri Junction 12
SGUT Siliguru Town Siliguru Town 2
SLF Silli Silli 3
SLGR Simaluguri Junction Simaluguri Junction 10
SAE Simaria Simaria 6
SMBL Simbhooli Simbhooli 2
SCM Simhachalam Simhachalam 17
SML Simla Simla 6
STL Simultala Simultala 11
SMX Simurali Simurali
SDD Sindhawadar Sindhawadar 1
SNDD Sindhudurg Sindhudurg 4
SNI Sindi Sindi 8
SNK Sindkheda Sindkheda
SDPN Sindpan Sindpan
SDBH Sindriblock Hut Sindriblock Hut 2
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