The Indian Railway Station List Decoded

Indian Railways boasts of an impressive network of railway lines, which connect the farthest parts of the country together. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Indian Railway station list is not only long, but also rather overwhelming.

Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned traveller or a newbie, you are likely to be confused when it comes to deciding which railway station would be perfect to embark and disembark from a train during your journey. Though the Indian railway's enquiry is always there to help, it can sometimes put you in a fix if you are not well versed with station codes etc.

Realizing this problem, has come up with a simplified station list that not only gives you an idea of the trains between important stations but the details of every train that makes its way through the railway lines of India during any given period. Interesting, isn’t it? So, let us get started with understanding this station list and all that lies within.

Wondering why you would need a station list when you can get the desired information from the railway enquiry? Well, here’s the answer to your query:

  • Busy Enquiry System: There is no doubt that the railway enquiry system is a great way to get a clear picture of the perfect train and the stations. But, with millions of people approaching this system every day, you might end up waiting endlessly for your turn. On the other hand, with an Indian railway station list in tow, you can quickly get an answer to your queries without seeking any help.
  • Identifying the Stations: The Indian railways span the length and breadth of the country. Thus, the number of railway stations in India is far beyond what you can actually imagine. In such a scenario, unless you are planning to make your journey through some really important stations, it might be hard for you to identify the exact trains that pass through the station. However, using a station list you can easily pick the trains that pass through a particular station.
  • Getting the Codes: If you are thinking of booking a train ticket online, you need to be aware of the station code of the starting point as well as your destination. You can easily find all railway station codes in the station list. So, using it will simplify your ticket booking ordeal for sure.
  • Information about Stations and Places: Whether you are an Indian citizen or a tourist from overseas, chances are rife that you are not well versed with every station in India. A station list is not just a tool of online station code enquiry, but it also gives you a sneak peek into various Indian stations and the trains that run to and fro from here. with its station list, which is at par with that of the Indian Railways list, helps you find all details of train numbers and station codes. It has a list of all the trains along with their train number, the starting point, and ending point. If you click on the train name, you will be directed to a page with information on all the railway stations in India through which this train will pass along with the station codes.

You will also get details about the time of arrival and departure from each station along with the distance between two stations and the duration of the journey. Also, on clicking the name of any station on the train list, you will be directed to a page that will give you all the information about the station. You will get an insight on all the trains along with their train numbers that start or pass through this station and the days on which they operate on.

The station list designed by surely simplifies the process of planning a journey, what with all railway station codes and other important details being just a click away. So, the next time you are planning a train journey, make it less of an ordeal with and its list of stations and enjoy a hassle-free time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When will the station list be particularly useful for me?

If you are planning to embark from or disembark on a smaller station, you would need this list to find the details of trains that pass through it.

2. Why will I need the station list?

  • To check the trains that start from a particular station
  • To get an idea of the trains that are headed to a particular station
  • To get the details of all the stations that a train passes through
  • To get the train number of the trains starting/passing through a particular station

3. How can I find the names of the trains that pass through/start/are destined to a particular station?

On the station list designed by click on the name of the station of your choice. You will be redirected to a page where you will find the list of all the trains that start/pass through/end on that station.

4. Where can I find the station code on the station list?

The station code is mentioned in a bracket along with the name of each station on the station list.

5. Can I get the train route of a train from the station list?

Yes, on a station list you will find the name of all the trains that start/pass through/end at a particular station. By clicking on the train name, you can get the route of the train.

List of Indian Railways stations

Station code Station name Location Trains passing through
SYW Sindurwa Sindurwa 1
SKL Singaperumlkoil Singaperumlkoil
SPRD Singapuram Road Singapuram Road 17
SGRM Singaram Singaram
SKM Singarayakonda Singarayakonda 24
SNPR Singarpur Singarpur
SNGP Singhpur Singhpur 3
SGRL Singrauli Singrauli 8
SINI Sini Junction Sini Junction 12
SRJN Sirajnagar H Sirajnagar H
SRY Sirari Sirari 2
SRAS Siras Siras
SRO Sirathu Sirathu 10
SIRD Sird Sird
SIR Sirhind Junction Sirhind Junction 34
SRPM Siripuram Siripuram
SRJM Sirjam Sirjam
SY Sirkazhi Sirkazhi
SOH Sirohi Road Sirohi Road 12
SKZR Sirpur Kagazngr Sirpur Kagazngr 53
SRUR Sirpur Town Sirpur Town 2
SSA Sirsa Sirsa 4
SSL Sirsaul Sirsaul
SSF Sirsuphal Sirsuphal
SSKA Sisarka Sisarka
SVHE Sisvinhalli Sisvinhalli 5
SBZ Siswa Bazar Siswa Bazar 10
STBJ Sitabinj Sitabinj
STPD Sitafal Mandi Sitafal Mandi
STNR Sitalnagar Sitalnagar
STLR Sitalpur Sitalpur 3
SMI Sitamarhi Sitamarhi
STPT Sitampet Sitampet 1
SNM Sitanagaram Sitanagaram 1
STP Sitapur Sitapur 4
SCC Sitapur Cant Sitapur 4
SPC Sitapur City Sitapur 3
STN Sitarampur Sitarampur 10
SURI Siuri Siuri 14
SVGA Sivaganga Sivaganga
SVJR Sivajinagar Pune 14
SVKS Sivakasi Sivakasi 2
SVN Sivungaon Sivungaon
SWE Siwaith Siwaith 2
SV Siwan Junction Siwan Junction 36
SWNI Siwani Siwani 2
SBD Sleemanabad Road Sleemanabad Road 2
SEP Sodpur Sodpur
SOGR Sogra Sogra
SGP Sohagpur Sohagpur 11
SLW Sohwal Sohwal 8
SOD Sojat Road Sojat Road 8
SOL Solan Solan 4
SBY Solan Brewery Solan Brewery 2
SUR Solapur Junction Solapur Junction 43
SLM Somalapuram Somalapuram
SKPT Somanayakkanpti Somanayakkanpti
SNO Somanur Somanur
SOS Somesar Somesar 4
SMWA Someshwara Someshwara
SDV Somidevipalle Somidevipalle
SOM Somna Somna
SMNH Somnath Somnath
SPT Sompeta Sompeta 12
SOAE Somra Bazar Somra Bazar
SMNE Somtane Somtane
SEB Son Nagar Son Nagar 11
SAD Sonada Sonada 4
SVH Sonadanga Sonadanga
SOR Sonagir Sonagir 6
SYZ Sonai Sonai 1
SXN Sonakhan Sonakhan
SI Sonalli Sonalli
SNSN Sonasan Sonasan
SBM Sonbarsa Kcheri Sonbarsa Kcheri 2
SNV Sondad Sondad 2
SCN Sondha Road Sondha Road
SNN Sonegaon Sonegaon 1
SGD Songadh Songadh 2
SONI Soni Soni 2
SIC Sonik Sonik 2
SNP Sonipat Sonipat 34
SEE Sonpur Junction Sonpur Junction 60
SNSL Sonshelu Sonshelu
SQL Sontalai Sontalai 2
SWR Sonua Sonua 5
SWO Sonwara Sonwara 1
SBE Sorbhog Junction Sorbhog Junction 2
SORO Soro Soro 13
SRN Soron Soron 4
SRNK Soron Soron
SPQ Sorupeta Sorupeta
SDGH Sri Dungargarh Sri Dungargarh 8
KHT Sri Kalahasti Sri Kalahasti 21
CHE Srikakulam Road Srikakulam 48
SKN Srikrishn Nagar Srikrishn Nagar 6
SNAR Srinagar Srinagar
SINA Srinagar Srinagar
SHAN Srinivasa Nagar Srinivasa Nagar
SRNR Sriramnagar Sriramnagar 4
SRGM Srirangam Srirangam 23
SVV Srivaikuntam Srivaikuntam
SVPR Srivilliputtur Srivilliputtur 2
SPF Stuartpuram Stuartpuram 1
SBNM Subarnamrigi Subarnamrigi
SFG Subedarganj Subedarganj 5
SBHR Subrahmanya Roa Subrahmanya Roa
SZM Subzi Mandi Subzi Mandi 28
SDMD Sudamdih Sudamdih 2
SUD Sudhani Sudhani 4
SDRA Sudhrana Sudhrana
SDF Sudsar Sudsar 8
SOW Suhsarai Suhsarai 1
SSIA Suisa Suisa 2
SUJH Sujangarh Sujangarh 1
SJNP Sujanpur Sujanpur 6
SPLE Sujnipara Sujnipara
SUW Sukhisewaniyan Sukhisewaniyan
SKND Sukinda Road Sukinda Road
SN Sukna Sukna 2
SOY Sukrimangela Sukrimangela
SQF Sukritipur Sukritipur 2
SXV Suku Suku 1
SUKU Suku Suku
SUL Suladhal Suladhal 1
SUH Sulehalli Sulehalli
SLGE Sulerjavalge Sulerjavalge
SGRE Sulgare Sulgare
SGRD Sulgare Sulgare
SPE Sullurupeta Sullurupeta 20
SGG Sultanganj Sultanganj 30
SLN Sultanpur Sultanpur 28
SQR Sultanpur Lodi Sultanpur Lodi 4
SUMR Sumer Sumer
SHZ Summer Hill Summer Hill 4
SMRR Sumreri Sumreri 2
SUC Sunak Sunak
SFM Sunam Sunam 8
SZK Sur Khand Ka Kh Sur Khand Ka Kh
SRX Sura Nussi Sura Nussi 1
SIP Suraimanpur Suraimanpur 23
SRGH Surajgarh Surajgarh 2
SUPR Surajpur Surajpur 4
SJQ Surajpur Road Surajpur Road 2
SDM Surareddipalem Surareddipalem 1
ST Surat Surat 125
SOG Suratgarh Junction Suratgarh Junction 8
SL Surathkal Surathkal 8
SURP Suratpura Suratpura 1
SURL Sureli Sureli
SUNR Surendranagar Surendranagar 40
SRGT Surendranagar G Surendranagar G
SRRG Surer Surer
SGBJ Surgaon Banjari Surgaon Banjari 1
SAW Suriawan Suriawan 9
SPO Surpura Surpura
SWS Suwansa Suwansa 2
SVA Suwasra Suwasra 12
SDLE Swadinpur Swadinpur
SRPJ Swarupganj Swarupganj 2
TPY Tadakalpudi Tadakalpudi 1
TAE Tadali Tadali 1
TDD Tadepalligudem Tadepalligudem 31
TU Tadipatri Tadipatri 19
TVL Tadwal Tadwal
THP Taherpur Taherpur
TSD Tahsil Bhadra Tahsil Bhadra 3
TSF Tahsil Fatehpur Tahsil Fatehpur 2
TBR Taiabpur Taiabpur
TJP Tajpur Tajpur
TJD Tajpur Dehma Tajpur Dehma 1
TAKL Takal Takal
TKR Takari Takari 9
TKHE Takarkhede Takarkhede
TQA Takia Takia 2
TKI Takli Takli 1
TKLB Takli Bhansali Takli Bhansali
TKMY Taklimiya Taklimiya
TSL Taksal Taksal 1
TAKU Taku Taku
TAY Talaiyuthu Talaiyuthu
TLKH Talakhajuri Talakhajuri 2
TMC Talamanchi Talamanchi 1
TLO Talandu Talandu
TBT Talbahat Talbahat 2
TLHR Talcher Talcher 8
TLHD Talcher Road Talcher Road 9
TLC Talchhapar Talchhapar 1
TGN Talegaon Talegaon 6
TLE Talgaria Talgaria
TLGP Talguppa Talguppa
TIT Talit Talit
TLJ Taljhari Taljhari 2
TMD Talmadla Talmadla
TOD Talod Talod
TPND Taloja Panchand Taloja Panchand
TLV Talvadya Talvadya 5
TWB Talwandi Talwandi 2
TBM Tambaram Chennai 32
TOI Tamkuhi Road Tamkuhi Road
TMZ Tamluk Tamluk 4
TAO Tamna Tamna
TPU Tanakpur Tanakpur 1
TDO Tanda Urmar Tanda Urmar 17
TDU Tandur Tandur 15
TGM Tangarmunda Tangarmunda
TGRL Tangiriapal Tangiriapal
TNL Tangla Tangla 2
TRA Tangra Tangra 7
TNR Tanguturu Tanguturu 8
TKN Tankuppa Tankuppa 6
TNKU Tanuku Tanuku 11
TA Tanur Tanur 12
TAPA Tapa Tapa 11
TPZ Tapri Tapri 8
TVI Taradevi Taradevi 4
TAN Tarana Road Tarana Road 10
TRR Taraori Taraori 4
TPF Tarapith Road Tarapith Road
TEA Taregna Taregna 11
TAZ Targaon Targaon 5
TGU Tarigoppula Tarigoppula 2
TKE Tarikere Junction Tarikere Junction 2
TLU Tarlupadu Tarlupadu 4
TRS Tarsarai Tarsarai
TR Taru Taru 2
TATA Tatanagar Junction Tatanagar Junction 56
TBH Tatibahar Tatibahar 2
TAC Taticherla Taticherla
TIS Tatisilwai Tatisilwai 7
TGA Teghra Teghra 4
THA Tehta Tehta
TKBG Tekkabigha Tekkabigha
TQM Telam Telam 1
TOU Telaprolu Telaprolu 1
TLMR Teliamura Teliamura
TELO Telo Telo
TETA Telta Telta 4
TEL Tenali Junction Tenali Junction 60
TGQ Tenganmada Tenganmada 4
TSI Tenkasi Junction Tenkasi Junction 2
TTLA Tetelia Tetelia
TTU Tettu Tettu 1
TET Tetulmari Tetulmari 4
THY Thadi Thadi
TKG Thakurganj Thakurganj
TKC Thakurkuchi Thakurkuchi
TKH Thakurtota Thakurtota
TLY Thalassery Thalassery 36
THKU Thallak Thallak
TLWA Thalwara Thalwara 2
THAN Than Junction Than Junction 12
THB Thana Bihpur Junction Thana Bihpur Junction 18
THDR Thandla Road Thandla Road 6
TNA Thane Thane 70
TJ Thanjavur Thanjavur 6
TAR Tharsa Tharsa
THMR Thathana Mithri Thathana Mithri
THE Thawe Jn Thawe Jn
TGE Thekeraguri Thekeraguri
THV Therubali Therubali 15
TVR Thiruvarur Junction Thiruvarur Junction
THVM Thivim Goa 16
TOK Thokur Thokur 1
TDV Thondebhavi Thondebhavi
TCR Thrisur Thrissur 94
THUR Thuria Thuria 2
TIBI Tibi Tibi 3
TIHU Tihu Tihu 2
TKYR Tikaria Tikaria 1
TKWD Tikekarwadi Tikekarwadi
TKRI Tikiri Tikiri 4
TQN Tikunia Tikunia 2
TKJ Tilak Bridge Tilak Bridge 4
TIU Tilaru Tilaru 4
TLT Tilati Tilati
TIA Tilaya Tilaya 2
TBB Tilbhita Tilbhita
TLD Tilda Tilda 23
TDLE Tildanga Tildanga
TLH Tilhar Tilhar 17
TL Tiloniya Tiloniya 4
TBN Timarni Timarni 16
TBV Timbarva Timbarva
TIM Timmanacherla Timmanacherla
TMX Timmapur Timmapur 2
TMT Timtala Timtala
TDH Tindharia Tindharia 2
TMV Tindivanam Tindivanam 18
TPH Tinpahar Junction Tinpahar Junction 12
TSK Tinsukia Junction Tinsukia Junction 14
TPK Tipkai Tipkai
TTR Tiptur Tiptur 21
TUL Tiraldih Tiraldih 2
TP Tirchrpali Fort Tirchrpali Fort 6
TRO Tirora Tirora 12
TPJ Tiruchchirapali Tiruchirappalli 48
TCN Tiruchendur Tiruchendur
TPTN Tiruchrpali Twn Tiruchirappalli 2
TPE Tiruchrpli Plki Tiruchrpli Plki 1
TRK Tirukoilur Tirukoilur
TMQ Tirumangalam Tirumangalam 7
TEN Tirunelveli Tirunelveli 20
TUA Tirunnavaya Tirunnavaya 2
TDPR Tirupadripulyur Tirupadripulyur
TDN Tiruparankndrm Tiruparankndrm 2
TPTY Tirupati Tirupati 45
TPT Tirupattur Junction Tirupattur Junction 22
TUP Tiruppur Tiruppur 81
TIR Tirur Tirur 34
TTL Tiruttangal Tiruttangal 2
TRT Tiruttani Tiruttani 13
TRVL Tiruvalla Tiruvalla 38
TNM Tiruvannamalai Tiruvannamalai
TRB Tiruverumbur Tiruverumbur 4
TISI Tisi Tisi
TSA Tisua Tisua 2
TTB Titabar Titabar 2
TGH Titagarh Titagarh
TIG Titlagarh Titlagarh 27
TTW Titwa Titwa
TIW Tivari Tivari
DJR To Darjeeling To Darjeeling
DJRZ To Darjeeling To Darjeeling
TDP Todarpur Todarpur 2
TUN Tohana Tohana 12
TMKA Tomka Tomka
TPQ Topokal Topokal 2
TNGL Toranagallu Toranagallu 9
TRAN Torang Torang 2
TORI Tori Tori 13
TBAE Tribeni Tribeni
TKQ Trikarpur Trikarpur 3
TLMD Trilochan Mahdo Trilochan Mahdo 2
TRTR Triupunittura Triupunittura 8
TVC Trivandrum Cntl Trivandrum 66
TVP Trivandrum Pett Trivandrum 16
TRL Trivellore Trivellore 15
TSR Tsunduru Tsunduru 6
TFGN Tufanganj Tufanganj
TGL Tuggali Tuggali
TKD Tuglakabad Tuglakabad 16
TPNI Tuiya Pani Tuiya Pani
TTZ Tukaithad Tukaithad
THO Tulin Tulin 1
TGP Tuljapur Tuljapur 1
TLR Tulsipur Tulsipur
TLI Tulwara Jhil Tulwara Jhil 3
TK Tumkur Tumkur 24
TMR Tumsar Road Tumsar Road 19
TDL Tundla Junction Tundla Junction 77
TUNG Tung Tung 4
TUNI Tuni Tuni 31
TUX Tunia Tunia
TKB Tupkadih Tupkadih 1
TUVR Turavur Turavur 10
TRKR Turekala Road Turekala Road 1
TKPY Turkapalli Turkapalli
TZR Turki Road Turki Road
TTI Turtipar Turtipar
TME Tuti Melur Tuti Melur 3
TN Tuticorin Tuticorin 4
TUV Tuvvur Tuvvur
TWG Twining Ganj Twining Ganj 2
TXD Tyada Tyada 1
TCL Tyakal Tyakal
UCA Uchana Uchana 7
UCP Uchippuli Uchippuli
UAM Udagamandalam Udagamandalam 3
UDZ Udaipur City Udaipur City 11
ULG Udalguri Udalguri 2
UKR Udalkachar Udalkachar 2
UDS Udasar Udasar 1
UDGR Udgir Udgir 4
UHP Udhampur Udhampur 4
UDN Udhna Junction Udhna Junction 24
UMS Udramsar Udramsar
UD Udupi Udupi 20
UVD Udvada Udvada 6
UGR Ugar Khurd Ugar Khurd 4
UGNA Ugna Halt Ugna Halt
URPR Ugrasenpur Ugrasenpur 5
UGWE Ugwe Ugwe
UJ Ujalvav Ujalvav
UJH Ujhani Ujhani 6
UJP Ujiarpur Ujiarpur 5
UJN Ujjain Junction Ujjain 52
USD Ukai Songadh Ukai Songadh
UKH Ukhali Ukhali
UKA Ukhra Ukhra 2
UKN Uklana Uklana
UKC Ukshi Ukshi
UPD Ulavapadu Ulavapadu 1
ULNR Ulhasnagar Ulhasnagar
ULL Ullal Ullal 2
ULB Ulubaria Ulubaria 4
UTA Umar Tali Umar Tali 2
UM Umardashi Umardashi
UMR Umaria Umaria 17
UIH Umaria Ispa Hlt Umaria Ispa Hlt
UBR Umbargam Road Umbargam Road 6
UR Umdanagar Umdanagar 4
UMED Umed Umed
UMRA Umra Umra
ULA Umra Nala Umra Nala
UMRI Umri Umri 6
UHL Una Himachal Una Himachal 3
UAR Unawa Aithor Unawa Aithor
UCR Unchahar Junction Unchahar Junction 13
UCH Unchaulia Unchaulia
UND Unchdih Unchdih 2
UHR Unchhera Unchhera 5
UCB Unchi Bassi Unchi Bassi 2
UDM Undasa Madhawpu Undasa Madhawpu 2
UNDI Undi Undi
VGT Unguturu Unguturu 1
UNL Unhel Unhel 2
URL Unjalur Unjalur 11
UJA Unjha Unjha 10
ON Unnao Junction Unnao 38
URD Untare Road Untare Road 7
URML Uparmal Uparmal
UA Upleta Upleta
OPL Uppal Uppal 2
UAA Uppala Uppala 2
UGD Uppugunduru Uppugunduru 1
UREN Uren Uren 4
URGA Urga Urga
URK Urkura Urkura
URMA Urma Urma
URI Uruli Uruli 9
USL Usalapur Usalapur 4
UMD Usmanabad Usmanabad
UPR Usmanpur Usmanpur
UTL Utarlai Utarlai 1
UTD Utarsanda Utarsanda
UTR Utrahtia Utrahtia 2
URN Utran Utran
UKL Uttukuli Uttukuli 3
BDJ Vadakara Vadakara 28
VDN Vadgaon Vadgaon
VDGN Vadgaon Nila Vadgaon Nila
WDN Vadgaon Nila Vadgaon Nila
VMD Vadlamannadu Vadlamannadu 4
VXD Vadod Vadod
BRC Vadodara Junction Vadodara 153
VBW Vaibhavwadi Road Vaibhavwadi Road 4
VARD Vaikam Road Vaikam Road 2
VPZ Vailapuzha Vailapuzha
VTN Vaitarna Vaitarna
WKA Vakav Vakav
VAPM Valapattanam Valapattanam 2
VGE Valappadi G Hlt Valappadi G Hlt
VLT Valathoor Valathoor
VV Valivade Valivade 5
VVE Valivade Valivade 4
VRU Valiveru Valiveru 1
VLI Vallikunnu Vallikunnu 3
VLY Valliyur Valliyur 8
BL Valsad Valsad 77
VBR Vambori Vambori 1
VGI Vangani Vangani
VGN Vangaon Vangaon 2
VN Vaniyambadi Vaniyambadi 11
VNB Vaniyambalam Vaniyambalam
VAPI Vapi Vapi 66
VRX Varahi Varahi
BCY Varanasi City Varanasi 20
BSB Varanasi Junction Varanasi 127
VNA Varangaon Varangaon 4
VRE Varediya Varediya
VAK Varkala Varkala 38
VRM Varnama Varnama
VTJ Vartej Vartej
VVA Varvala Varvala 1
VDA Vasad Junction Vasad Junction 4
BSR Vasai Road Mumbai 41
VSG Vasco Da Gama Vasco Da Gama 9
VAT Vatlur Vatlur 1
VTA Vatva Vatva
VDE Vedayapalem Vedayapalem 5
VDH Vedchha Vedchha
VEER Veer Veer 3
VJA Vejandla Vejandla
VLCA Velalacheruv Ht Velalacheruv Ht
VLKN Velankanni Velankanni
VELI Veli Veli
VLE Vellacheruvu Vellacheruvu
VLNK Vellankanni Vellankanni
VLR Vellore Cant Vellore Cant
VT Vellore Town Vellore Town
VMU Vemuru Vemuru
VDD Vendodu Vendodu 11
VND Vendra Vendra
VKT Venkatachalam Venkatachalam 1
VKI Venkatagiri Venkatagiri 17
VKR Venkatnagra Venkatnagra 4
VRL Veraval Veraval 8
VKA Verka Junction Verka Junction 2
VEN Verna Verna 2
VTM Vetapalemu Vetapalemu 9
BHS Vidisha Vidisha 40
VWA Viduraswattha Viduraswattha
VPDA Vidyapatidham Vidyapatidham
VPN Vidyapatinagar Vidyapatinagar
VDS Vidyasagar Vidyasagar 14
VJF Vijapur Vijapur 2
VJP Vijay Pur Vijay Pur
BZA Vijayawada Junction Vijayawada 170
VJPJ Vijiypur Jammu Vijiypur Jammu 10
VKB Vikarabad Junction Vikarabad Junction 17
VKH Vikhran Road Vikhran Road
VMA Vikramgarh Alot Vikramgarh Alot 20
VRG Vikramnagar Vikramnagar 2
VL Vilad Vilad 1
VID Vilavade Vilavade 2
VYK Vilayatkalan Road Vilayatkalan Road 2
VM Villuparam Junction Villuparam Junction 40
BDL Vindhyachal Vindhyachal 38
VINH Vinhere Vinhere
VKN Vinukonda Vinukonda 6
VG Viramgam Junction Viramgam Junction 56
VRLR Virani Alur Virani Alur
VP Virapur Virapur
VR Virar Mumbai 8
VRV Viravada Viravada
VRVL Viravalli Viravalli 1
VVM Viravasaram Viravasaram 3
VRH Virbhadra Virbhadra 2
VRR Virpur Virpur 2
VPT Virudunagar Junction Virudunagar Junction 26
VPR Visapur Visapur 2
VSKP Vishakapatnam Vishakhapatnam 80
VNUP Vishnupuram Vishnupuram 8
VRB Vishrambag Vishrambag 1
VSI Vishvamitri Vishvamitri 1
VS Vishvamitri Vishvamitri 3
VNE Viswanath Chrli Viswanath Chrli 2
VDL Vithisvarankol Vithisvarankol
VVB Viveka Vihar Viveka Vihar 2
VZM Vizianagram Junction Vizianagram Junction 62
VRI Vridhachalam Junction Vridhachalam Junction 38
VYA Vyara Vyara 3
VYN Vyasnagar Vyasnagar 2
WRC W R S Colony Ph W R S Colony Ph
WKI Wadakancheri Wadakancheri 27
WDG Wadegaon Wadegaon
WC Wadhwan City Wadhwan City
WADI Wadi Wadi 38
WDR Wadiaram Wadiaram 2
WDA Wadrengdisa Wadrengdisa 2
WSA Wadsa Wadsa 4
WDS Wadsinge Wadsinge
WDLN Wadwal Nagnath Wadwal Nagnath
WAIR Wair Wair
WJR Walajah Road Junction Walajah Road Junction 14
WND Wan Road Wan Road
WNG Wanegaon Wanegaon
WANI Wani Wani
WKR Wankaner Junction Wankaner Junction 22
WPR Wanparti Road Wanparti Road 4
WSJ Wansjaliya Wansjaliya 5
WL Warangal Warangal 84
WR Wardha Junction Wardha Junction 37
OYR Waria Waria 7
WRS Waris Aleganj Waris Aleganj 2
WRR Warora Warora 8
WOC Warud Orange Ct Warud Orange Ct
WST Washermanpet Washermanpet
WHM Washim Washim
WSB Washimbe Washimbe
WTR Wathar Wathar 7
WZJ Wazerganj Wazerganj 2
WEL Wellington Wellington 3
WENA Wena Wena 5
WFD Whitefield Whitefield 10
VHGN Wihirgaon Wihirgaon
WIRR Wirur Wirur
WDM Wyndhamganj Wyndhamganj 9
BDVR Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1
YG Yadgir Yadgir 21
YLG Yalvigi Yalvigi 2
JAB Yamuna Bdg Agra Agra 4
YJUD Yamunanagar Jud Yamunanagar Jud
YAL Yataluru Yataluru 1
YDM Yedamangala Yedamangala
YSI Yedshi Yedshi
YNK Yelhanka Junction Bangalore 16
Y Yeliyur Yeliyur
YLK Yellakaru Yellakaru 1
YL Yeola Yeola 5
YPD Yerpedu Yerpedu 1
YA Yerraguntla Yerraguntla 17
YPR Yesvantpur Junction Bangalore 45
YT Yevat Yevat
YFP Yusufpur Yusufpur 13
ZBD Zafarabad Junction Zafarabad Junction 20
ZB Zahirabad Zahirabad 4
ZNA Zamania Zamania 16
ZPI Zampini Zampini
ZPL Zangalapalle Zangalapalle
ZARP Zarap Zarap
ZW Zawar Zawar 2
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